Traffic Signs

by Kayte

Even though things have been crazy with the move and I haven’t had the time to create our usual elaborate costumes (let alone unpack my sewing machine), I still wanted to do something fun, personal and homemade. Lola’s obsession with stop signs was my inspiration for this year’s costumes. I knew she would love a stop sign t-shirt, and the rest of the family followed suit: Stop, Go, Slow and Caution! Both Max & Lola loved their shirts, to the extent of sleeping in them (two nights in a row) and wearing them the entire weekend. Under the circumstances I’d call that a costume success!







Trunk or Treat

by Kayte

Max & Lola’s school hosted a trunk or treat event tonight where volunteers (teachers, staff, parents) park in the school parking lot, decorate their cars, and pass out candy to the students. Luckily Nana Bah was able to go with us to help wrangle two kiddos in the dark, crowded lot. Max & Lola both came home with a huge load of candy – and it’s not even Halloween yet!

IMG_3155.JPG IMG_3154.JPG IMG_3156.JPG

Halloween Parade

by Kayte

Max & Lola’s preschool class had a Halloween parade and party at school this morning. Everybody brought a [healthy] dish to pass (the era of cupcakes in class is over) and the kids all dressed up in costume. With the recent move I haven’t had the time or brain space to create costumes this year (my sewing machine wasn’t even unpacked until this week) so I decided to repurpose their costumes from last year, which involved alterations to add five inches of length to the legs and torso.

It was fun for us as parents to spend some time at school with the kids, and Max & Lola had a blast playing with their classmates and eating party food.






Red Ribbon Week

by Kayte

This week Max & Lola’s school joined the Red Ribbon Campaign for a drug-free America. While we didn’t really discuss the finer points of the campaign, they did have a lot of fun dressing up.


Monday: Crazy Sock Day (sock it to drugs)


Tuesday: Backwards Day (turn your back on drugs)


Wednesday: Sunglasses Day (shade out drugs)


Thursday: Wear Red Day (respect yourself)


Their favorites were Crazy Sock Day and Backwards Day.

Four Little Pumpkins

by Kayte

This weekend we carved the pumpkins that we picked up at the pumpkin patch. One of the kids’ first halloween books was Five Little Pumpkins and we decided to each carve a face that looked like a pumpkin from the book.



Max wasn’t so sure about the squishy seeds but Lola dove right into hers!





Cousin Crazy

by Kayte

Things got a little wild while visiting Cousin Booker tonight. Toys scattered everywhere. Beds jumped on. Clothing strewn about. I think they all had fun 🙂






12th Percentile!

by Kayte

Lola had her six-month followup with the endocrinologist. In the year since we started growth hormone, she has grown 5 inches and is now in the 12th percentile for height.  She is still a peanut on the weight-chart (25-1/2 pounds and 0th percentile), but the doctor confirmed that once she catches up height-wise her calorie consumption should shift toward affecting her weight too.

While at the hospital we also did a bone age scan (x-ray) which showed that her skeletal structure is comparable to a 2-1/2 year-old. So she’s about a year behind and we still have a ways to go, but the progress thus far is amazing.

Grow Lola Grow!





Weight: 24lb 8oz
Height: 36 inches


by Kayte

Grandma made the coolest stop sign pillow for Lola! Just adding fuel to the fire. Lola insists on sleeping with it every night, and carries it all over the house during the day.

Field Trip: Pumpkin Patch

by Kayte

Max and Lola went on their first school field trip to the Underwood Family Farm. Max & Lola had been there twice before, so this was our third annual trip.

Since the kids are all so young, every student had to bring a parent with them. We also drove our own cars so unfortunately Max & Lola didn’t get to ride a school bus (which they would have loved). But we had a great time and I felt like I got to play hooky from my adult life for a day.

Aisle Closed

by Kayte

It doesn’t look like Lola will be outgrowing her stop sign obsession  any time soon.


Boo Boo Report

by Kayte

Max came home from school today with a boo boo report in his backpack. He was running on the playground, tripped & fell, and scraped up his knee pretty good. He felt better after lots of hugs and a bandage.




by Kayte

The kids and I went out for an earlybird dinner date tonight while Brody worked late. It’s the first time I’ve ever taken them to a restaurant by myself, and they were pretty good! Highchairs (aka containment) are key. We ate Vietnamese pho, stir fry and boba tea. They liked it all – especially the boba. It was a fun departure from our usual routine.


Nana Hoops

by Kayte

Look who’s here!



Rowdy Riders

by Kayte

After three long years of surgeries, injuries, and ill-timed  work trips, Brody was finally back in the saddle at the Bike MS Coastal Challenge this year. We all drove up to Ventura together and cheered daddy on while he rode with his team.








Lola Style

by Kayte

You too can recreate Lola’s look with these everyday household items.

Paper Bag Arm Warmers


Lego-Box Hat


Slippers Headband


Painter Chic


Denim Dress

by Kayte