Preschool Pirates

by Kayte

Lola and Max had their two-month followup with the eye doctor to see how the new glasses are working out. The doctor was very happy with how both kids were seeing with their glasses; he said Lola even scored better on her eye exam today than back in December. The doctor did recommend that we patch both kids’ left eyes for 1-2 hours a day to help strengthen their eye muscles. Thank goodness it’s the same eye for both kids because I have a hard enough time keeping my rights and lefts straight. Lola’s patch is for amblyopia: her vision in her left eye is much better than her right, so the patch gives the right eye a chance to get stronger. In Max’s case it is strabismus, or cross-eye, and again the patch gives the right eye a chance to get stronger.


There are three different kind of patches for kids: a band-aid-type patch that sticks on to the skin around the eye, the traditional pirate patch, and a piece of fabric that fits over the eye glasses. The doctor gave us some of the sticky-type patches for now, and boy those did not go over well! They’re supposed to be good for littler kids who won’t willingly keep the patch on, but Max and Lola were not happy about it. I ended up just sticking it on to the lens of their glasses for today. I’ve ordered some of the fabric patches which I’m hoping will be more comfortable, and in the meantime we have some pirate patches in our dress-up box that will do the trick. Arghhh!



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  1. Nana Bah says:

    Their faces with the patch are too much! They would be a good “before and after” commercial piece if you could take an “after”!
    Love, love-

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