by Kayte

Lately I’ve been ordering the kids’ shoes online at Zappos because I can order a bunch of pairs/sizes, try them on in the comfort of our own home, and then send back the ones we don’t want. MUCH easier than dragging the kids to a store. Last night I grabbed a few of their current shoes to compare sizes and order new ones,¬†and left them in the office next to my computer when I was done. This morning I went to yoga so Brody was in charge of dressing the kids and taking them to school, but when he opened their shoe drawers neither kid had a single matching pair of shoes! Luckily I had taken a variety of lefts and rights, so Brody was at least able to find a shoe for each foot, but the kids went to school in mismatched shoes. hah!

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  1. Anna says:

    hahaha that is awesome

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