Five Years

by Kayte

Five years ago Max and Lola came into our lives unexpectedly and tumultuously. We set out on a parenting journey that we weren’t prepared for, but it has taught us so much about love and strength and who we are and what we are capable of. In the years since their birth we have celebrated countless victories, overcome unimaginable adversity, experienced unconditional love, and felt our hearts break into a million pieces.

In the early days I naively thought that “this NICU thing” would be over when we finally brought Max and Lola home from the hospital, but I have since realized that this is something that, for better and for worse, will shape us for the rest of our lives. I’ve often wondered if I would go back and change things if I could, and I think as parents we would do anything to protect our kids, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

We remind ourselves that we are incredibly lucky to have our family together; thriving, happy, mostly healthy. Every day together is a miracle, even in, especially in, those most mundane of moments when things just feel ordinary. Happy 5th birthday Max and Lola. We are in awe of you. We are SO proud of you. We Love You.

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6 Responses to “Five Years”

  1. Jill Spector says:

    How do I put into words what this journey has meant to so many of us? We have watched as these tiny miracles have sprouted and blossomed into beautiful babies, toddlers, and now FIVE YEAR OLDS! We have held our breath, shed tears, smiled, and cheered with all of the ups and downs that you have so graciously shared with all of us. We wish these two a very happy birthday. May their lives continue to be filled with love and light, laughter and silly faces. May they remain healthy, happy, and always know that they have a village that is always there to love and support them and their parents. May this year be filled with adventure and learning, fun times spent with family and friends, backyard campouts and sock sorting on the couch. Happy birthday to our most favorite monkeys!!!

  2. Anna says:

    yayaya happy birthday to m&l !!!! <3

    so much love coming to you two today & everyday!

  3. Nana Bah says:

    A wonderful miracle appeared and the strength of family, Jon and Kayte was bright and incredibly tender as was the strength of Lola and Max throughout so many barriers put in their way. family and strength holding tender love and the importance family in the true sense.
    Love, love- always.

  4. Helen says:

    How has 5 years flown by?!

    Happy birthday, Max and Lola – I hope it heralds a year of joy and adventures for you both!

    And Kayte – I know when they’re older, they’ll be so proud of you and Brody. You are incredible parents.

  5. Meg says:

    I can’t it’s been five years. I can’t believe I’ve still never met your beautiful, amazing children. I miss my wonderful friend, who is a truly phenomenal mother (not that I ever had any doubt). A (slightly belated) happy birthday to Max & Lola. <3 <3

  6. Tobi Rosen says:

    We just got home from a vacation and o checked in on your web site to find your farewell letter. I will make as seeing you and the kids. Please include us on your private e nails. Congratulations on your New Job Please give the kids are love

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