Better Safe Than Sorry

by Brody

Woke up with a sore throat today and decided not to go to the hospitals. Managed to get into the doctor but they said tonsils look good and strep swab was negative. Maybe just finally wearing thin. Took advantage of the situation to get some stuff done around the house while Brody held down the fort at the hospitals.

Max is having some bigger desats lately. He drank 16ccs out of a bottle. Took awhile but he finally got it down. You would have thought he had run a marathon after he was so tired. He was wide awake and enjoying his mobile. He’s on day 8 of 10 of antibiotics. Eyes are clear. They’ll do another culture Wednesday to see if the MRSA has been suppressed. His poopy diapers have been toxic lately – a side effect of the fortifier.

Lola’s last day of antibiotics were yesterday. Since she’s getting less overall fluids they were able to increase her feeds to 45ccs. Decreased her caffeine and increased all of her other meds/supplements. Follow-up eye exam tomorrow. Been taking all her feeds PO (oral) and hasn’t had the feeding tube in her nose for two days now. Shunt still scheduled for Thursday.


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