Fat Monkey

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Big Ass Stroller

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Xtreme Parenting

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Talk about multitasking…



Back to Normal

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Our little family is whole again 🙂


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Lola got some extra special attention today from her Gamma and Papa.


Max is hooked up to the sleep study equipment – we’ll know how he’s done tomorrow!

Oh, Brother!

by Kayte

Big brother Max is on his way. They yanked his NG feeding tube yesterday and he has been taking all his feeds AND medicines orally. Brought in the car seat and he passed the test. They ordered a hearing screen and sleep study for tomorrow. Pharmacy is delivering medicines and oxygen company dropped off the O2 machine today. Any day now!


Sissy is doing great. Sleeping in four hour blocks, eating like a piggy and still finding time to socialize (little cuddler).

Big Boy Feeds

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13 in a row!


Full Feeds, Full Sleep

by Kayte

Max has nipple fed his last 9 feeds! Almost a full day’s worth. We’ll see how tonight goes. They told us to bring his car sear in for the challenge!

Lola slept in two four-hour chunks last night. Just woke up to eat and diaper change. I am so well rested 🙂

Life is good!

Guard Dog

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Up n’ Up

by Kayte

Things are looking better and better every day. Lola (and her parents) are settling in nicely to their new (NORMAL) routine. Max is still chugging along with his feeds. Brody is feeling better and getting more range of motion in his knee. I can’t even imagine how amazing it is going to be to have everyone home and healthy!

Here are some pictures of Max at the hospital today.

Breathing Treatment

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Yum – I like it!

Bath Time

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Was going well until I wrapped her up clean and cozy in her brand new towel and she proceeded to pee all over me. Guess we have some practicing to do!

Fishy Kisses

by Kayte

Thanks to my mom and Brody holding down the Lola fort at home, I was able to run to St. Joe today to visit Max. Did his care and fed him a bottle. Doing much better today – took 2 full 100cc feeds during the day.

First night with Lola was pretty sleepless but last night went much better. Woke up every 3 hours for diaper/bottle then back to sleep. We all slept in until after 9am – it was more sleep than I’ve gotten in awhile! Had a visit from a home health care nurse which we thought we would need/like but turned out to be pretty unnecessary. We’re much more comfortable with the oxygen and all the meds than we thought we would be.


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I think someone is jealous of his sister. The nurses said Max was super fussy today – didn’t really nap much and just wanted to be held. Very unlike him. Subsequently he didn’t do well with his feedings – they gavaged almost everything. They thought maybe he had a little stomach ache since he hadn’t had a big diaper in awhile. Hopefully after a good nap and a big blowout he’ll be back in business! Gotta eat to come home little man!



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She’s home!!!