Bubble Toes

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Tank Tops

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Eye Doc

by Kayte

Max had his last visit with the ophthalmologist today – all clear! No surgery. The next checkup is just a regular old eye doctor visit in February. One doctor down…

Roll Over

by Kayte

Max was so mad about tummy time yesterday that he flipped from front to back! Second big milestone (after smiling).

Balboa Park

by Kayte

We’re starting to get out and about!


A Real Smile

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Weighing In

by Kayte

We had a check-up at the pediatrician today and the beebos hadn’t gained as much weight as they should have :/ This might mean they’re “failing” their oxygen test – working too hard to breathe and burning too many calories. We’re going to work extra super hard to give them enough food the next couple weeks and see how they do.

Everything else looks really great though.

Splish Splash

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Five Months

by Kayte

Happy 5-month birthday!


by Kayte

My first solo walk with two babies and a dog. Fresh air success!


Nana Bah Bah

by Kayte

Thanks for all the help!



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I’m So Sad

by Kayte

I was trying to get a good picture of his face without the cannula but no luck. So dramatic!

Goof Balls

by Kayte

For every cute picture of them there are about ten like these.


Baby Boxing

by Kayte

Looks like Lola won that round.

Pretty Girl

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by Kayte

Trip to the lung doctor today was good. We’re not totally off the O2, but as you can see from the med chart below, our life got a lot easier! The doctor discontinued the nebulizer and most of the oral meds so now we’re only giving medication twice a day instead of six. It makes a huge difference!


Max & Lola can be disconnected from the oxygen when they’re awake, but they still need it for sleep (both naps and at night). It gives us a little more freedom, but we still have the tubes and machines so it doesn’t change a whole lot just yet. We’ll stay on this schedule for a month while monitoring progress (weight, feeds, etc). If everything is going okay they’ll do a 24-hour study with no O2 to see if they can handle it.

They both gained great weight since our last appointment. Max weighed in at 10lb 8oz and Lola is 7lb 13oz. Grow, babies, grow!

Code Brown

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Coming Up for Air

by Kayte


Dang! Newborns (X2) are no joke. As you can see from the lack of posts, we’ve been pretty busy since both beebos got home. I was going to stop the blog altogether, but we’ve gotten so many requests for pictures and updates that I’ll do my best to keep it up, albeit at a slower pace. I’ll shoot for a couple times a week, and you should expect more photos than words.

Max and Lola are both doing great. We’ve got them on a schedule that seems to be working for the whole family. Eating and meds every three hours during the day, and sleeping through the night in 4-6 hour chunks with little snacks in-between. We’re doing a combination of bottle feeding (breast milk) and breast feeding. It’s really nice to have the flexibility with both (especially since an extra pair of hands can bottle feed). Still working through the “May” breast milk in the freezer – at this rate they’re going to have milk supplies until they’re five!

Since discharge we’ve had lots of doctors appointments (our only real outings at this point). At our last pediatrician visit Lola weighed in at 7lb 3oz and Max was 9lb 15oz. She’s now wearing newborn clothes and he’s in the 3-6 month range. Lola had her neurosurgery follow-up and everything looked great. She won’t need to go back for another year. They both went to the ophthalmologist for their eyes. Lola’s looked great post-surgery so she won’t have to go back for another 6 months. Max has another appointment today to keep an ‘eye’ on things. They may need to do a tiny bit of precautionary laser, but we’ll know more later today. Tomorrow is a BIG appointment – the pulmonologist! They’ll run some tests and let us know where we stand on oxygen. I think I’m getting my hopes up, but I’m really, REALLY hoping that Max & Lola get off the oxygen soon. It will be such a game-changer for normalcy. Right now our house is a death-trap of cords and tubing, and getting out of the house is a pretty major event. Life will get a lot easier when we’re not dealing with oxygen support.

Brody is back to work full time and his knee is a lot better. He hit the six-week mark last week and was given the OK to start bearing weight on his knee. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean he can walk yet. Still on crutches, but starting to put more weight on that leg and do more physical therapy.

I’ve had lots of help at home between my mom and mother-in-law. There were a few days solo between visits, and it was actually pretty mellow. Things can get a little crazy when both kids are screaming for food at once, but overall it’s pretty manageable. I started a Quickbooks class for the fall semester last week. Every Saturday from 8:30am – 1:50pm until December. (!) It’s the last class I need to be able to sit for the CPA exam, which I plan to do next year. Never a dull moment.

And now – pictures!