Common Cold

by Kayte

Lola started sounding a little phlegmy/snorty on Saturday so I took her into the pediatrician today. Luckily her lungs sound clear, but she does have a cold. There’s no medication available so all we can do is try to keep her comfortable. We can use a humidifier, saline drops and/or bulb syringe. It should clear up on its own. In the meantime we just need to watch for signs to make sure it’s not getting worse; fever, irritability, loss of appetite, difficulty breathing, lethargy, etc. She’s been acting fine so far.

Oh boy, first sickness. Let’s hope this passes quickly and without event.


3 Responses to “Common Cold”

  1. Marilyn Brody says:

    She’ll be just fine with your loving touch!

  2. Nana bah bah says:

    The tough little that she will get her through her first cold. Might be a good idea to keep her bottles away from Max’s. No twin cuddle time with Max! Just an old Jewish Mother and Nana playing Dr.!

  3. Grandma Beth says:

    Poor baby, colds can be miserable. Good that her lungs are clear, so she should be back to normal in a few days.

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