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We had a playdate with another set of twins from the NICU. Max is quite the ladies’ man.

Sophie ~ Max ~ Lola ~ Bea

Check Up

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We went in for our 7-month/4-month check up today. The pediatrician was very happy with their progress, both physically and socially. I think all of the therapy is really paying off.

The moment of truth is always the weigh-in. Max came in at 14 pounds 2 ounces – almost a pound gain since our last visit. Lola was 10 pounds 9 ounces – not quite as good as we would have liked, but still growing. She’s been having some eating inconsistencies lately, so we’re trying to work on that.

In the meantime just loving and enjoying them as much as possible.


Rolling & Laughing

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The Baby in the Mirror

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Incredible Circus

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Gobble Gobble

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Thankful to have my family – whole, healthy and home!


Sitting Ducklings

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Happy Birthday Daddy

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Bye Bye

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Thank you for keeping my children safe and helping them grow, but we won’t miss you!


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Good news at the pulmonologist today! Max is 100% DONE with the oxygen. Lola is not far behind. We’re going to leave her on the O2 at night for the next month, but just to help her grow. Basically we’re free to roam during the day – no tubes, no tanks, no cords. The doctor also DC’d all of their meds, so now it’s just a multivitamin once a day. Life just got SO much easier.

Weighing In

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13 pounds 2 ounces
Size 6 months (short & fat)

9 pounds 14 ounces
Size 3 months (long & skinny)


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We visited UCLA today for an appointment with the pediatric cardiologist as a routine follow-up for Max’s PDA ligation. The doctor said everything looked and sounded good (no murmur) on the surface-level. He also ordered an echo-cardiogram to get a more detailed view. If everything appears normal, we should be able to close the book on that chapter.


The echo-cardiogram was hard for me. Seeing my baby laid out on a white sheet (passed out sleeping!) and watching the monitor gave me hospital flashbacks. While Max & Lola were in NICU it was easy to think of them as components; brain, heart, lungs, intestines… Now that they’re home they are my sweet, perfect little babies. I don’t want to see or think about their inner-workings, or the things could go wrong with them :/ The echo-cardiogram also looks very similar to a pregnancy ultrasound which brought back memories of our carefree, optimistic days… I guess our experience of the whole thing will always be colored a little differently than most.


On a happier note we stopped by 5NICU and visited some of our favorite nurses and RTs! Max & Lola were both wide awake so they got to be held and cuddled. It was fun seeing everyone have such a happy moment. Max is quite the ham. This is the second time he’s put on a show for a group of people (girls?); smiling, smiling, laughing, laughing. I’m glad they’re such happy babies!

America’s Future

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I voted.



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And not the fun Halloween kind! Heard back from the pulmonologist yesterday. Oxygen stays until our appointment next Tuesday. We didn’t discuss specifics, but sounds like there were a couple extended desats which I think are explained by the diary I kept which the dumb equipment company didn’t send along with the results. I’m just as excited to not have to deal with them anymore as I am to get rid of the equipment. Will know more next Tuesday….

In My …

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