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We made our first baby food in the Beaba – sweet potato! It went over much better than the avocado.

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I swear Max runs an air-marathon on a daily basis.

Second Home

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We spend way too much time at UCLA for medical-related stuff. Today we had two appointments for two different kids. In the morning Lola had her neurosurgery follow up. A quick visual check showed that she looked good. We’ve still been having some issues with fussiness and not eating great, so the doctor ordered a head ultrasound.  It will tell us for sure whether her symptoms are neurological or pediatric (i.e. teething) and give us peace of mind.

Since we had a four hour break between appointments I tried to get the head ultrasound scheduled while we were there, but no luck. Now we have to drive back to UCLA again tomorrow for yet another visit. Between doctors and therapy, that makes 7 appointments in 4 days.

In the afternoon we took Max to see a pediatric surgeon about his hemangioma. At our last pediatrician appointment we noticed that the veins on his right shoulder (around his hemangioma) were more pronounced than on the left. That was also the day we found out about Lola’s head so this sort of got pushed to the back burner. Sometimes the hemangioma can pull too much blood and one arm will grow more than the other. The pediatric surgeon wasn’t really worried. He said the blood could be re-routing and causing the more pronounced veins closer to the surface, or that the veins just developed differently. Either way he said to keep an eye on it and come back if it gets worse.


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It’s been about a month of rice cereal (and prunes) so we’ll start to introduce a couple new foods each week now. Avocados seem like a weird first food, but they have lots of good fats & calories, and are supposed to be a great for babies. Max begs to differ…


I think I made the first batch too thick. After I thinned the avocado out a bit it went down a little more easily.

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Big milestone last night. We moved Max & Lola out of the bassinets in our bedroom to their cribs in the nursery. It felt kind of lonely & empty, but at the same time liberating & progressive. I’m guessing this is how many parenting milestones will feel.



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Hand to Hold

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Beating up Brother

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I think Lola has the upper hand in this relationship.

Bath Day

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10 Months

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Home is wherever I’m with you.


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Someone is happy to be going home! Just waiting for daddy to come pick us up. Car seat ready in the background.


Peds Floor

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We moved into our new room last night and it sure is nice. Lots of space, private bathroom, TV, comfy couch. Too bad we weren’t in here most of the time.

The good news is we won’t be here much longer. Neurosurgery signed off for discharge and we’re just waiting for the paperwork. Lola had one episode of vomiting this morning, so that is something we will need to keep an eye on, but as of now they think it’s okay. Otherwise she’s doing great and we are both ready to be home.

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Extended Stay

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Looks like we’re here for one more night. After Lola’s vomiting Saturday they want to observe her a bit longer. Feeds have been going well today, just a couple spit ups. Neurosurgery should be up some time tonight to remove her dressing and check out the incision. They’re moving us to the peds floor (out of ICU) in a little bit.

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Lola has been enjoying all the attention. Every once in awhile a nurse will steal her and parade her around the unit. The PICU doesn’t get a lot of little babies (mostly older kids) so she’s kind of a [cute] novelty around here.


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When Lola first came out of surgery she was pretty queasy. We fed her and she threw it right back up. They thought it was probably residual from the anesthesia. She got Zofran (seasick meds) and was put on IV fluids so she wouldn’t get dehydrated. After that she ate well for the next 24 hours so they took her off IV and were talking about home.

Saturday afternoon she started vomiting again. First after each feed, and then just random – gagging and throwing up bile. She was super unsettled, wouldn’t sleep. They tried to re-start IV fluids but her IV line blew and they had to take it out. They tried starting a new IV and apparently she has impossible veins. They poked, squeezed and prodded about 3 times before giving up. We got her to take some Pedialyte and she fell asleep, exhausted. I followed shortly thereafter.

I mostly slept, but the nurse said Lola improved during the night. She wanted nothing to do with the Pedialyte so they re-started breast milk. She ate every few hours and hasn’t thrown up yet (knock on wood). She also seems more relaxed – fell asleep easily after each feed and got some good rest (as did I).

This morning she’s still doing well. Took a little bottle and fell back asleep. Hopefully well on the way to recovery…and home!

Happy Birthday Nana Bah Bah!

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It’s a party and you’re invited.



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Someone woke up on the right side of the bed.


High Tech Kids

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Hi Broother! Hi Seester!