Run Run Run

by Kayte

Oh boy am I going to be in trouble once he’s vertical.


by Kayte

We’ve been practicing drinking out of big kid cups. It’s funny how even though Lola is behind in a lot of ways, certain things she picks up on. She figured out how to drink out of the sippy straw almost immediately. Max still hasn’t figured it out! He prefers the open cup.



Failure to Thrive

by Kayte

Apparently Max is the only one benefitting from my increased feeding efforts. We went to the doctor today and he had jumped up another 3/4 pound – 19 pounds 2 ounces! Chunk-a-chunk.

Then there’s Lola. My little Lola. Only a 3oz gain – 14 pounds 7 ounces. The therapists and doctor are all out of suggestions. The pediatrician referred us to a GI specialist to see if he can make any progress. He might involve a nutritionist and an OT. While I didn’t want another diagnosis, I’m eager to see if someone else might be able to help us. I really feel like I’ve tried everything at this point.


by Kayte

Lola hasn’t been eating great again the last few days. I think it might be because she’s teething like crazy. In addition to the four teeth she already has, I see four more big white lumps coming through her top gums. She’s not really fussy, but she isn’t interested in food.

Her favorite food lately has been the ice cream. She will refuse her regular meal, but open up wide for ice cream, even whine if I don’t shovel it in fast enough. It got me thinking that maybe the cold felt good on her gums. I tried freezing cantaloupe for breakfast and avocado for dinner, and she was more interested in both. She still didn’t eat a large amount, but she was more willing.

Sneak Attack

by Kayte

ha ha ha ha

Ground Beef

by Kayte

Moving right along through the animal kingdom @ 60 calories per ounce!

We started out with beef & broccoli – a classic combo. You know the drill…Max scarfed, Lola barfed. Little Miss chowed some ice cream afterwards though.

20130529-213008.jpg 20130529-213016.jpg


20130529-213033.jpg 20130529-213039.jpg


by Kayte

Still working on the finger foods with Max, and any food for Lola. Still pretty hit or miss on both counts. Mostly miss.


20130529-210958.jpg 20130529-211004.jpg


Crab Feast

by Kayte

On Sunday we went to a friend’s house for a crab feast. The weather was beautiful and the food was delicious. The babies couldn’t participate in the shellfish, but they did get to eat fish earlier in the day, in honor.




20130529-204201.jpg 20130529-204211.jpg




by Kayte

Moving on in the land of meat, today we tried fish. I steamed some cod and mixed with asparagus and sweet potato, and it was received the same as any other food. Max ate quite a bit, Lola was coerced into a few bites.

20130527-070150.jpg 20130527-070156.jpg


In the spirit of fattening Lola up, I’ve started offering her “dessert” after her regular meals. Either strawberry greek yogurt, egg yolk mixed with vanilla yogurt, or breast milk fro-yo. She likes her yogurt. While I worry about creating bad eating habits or giving her a sweet tooth, the bottom line is we need little miss to gain weight! And since she won’t do it by volume like her brother, we have to do it by calories. It’s also satisfying (and relaxing) to watch her open her mouth wide and enjoy something. I’m happy to know that she can eat when she wants to – she’s just very opinionated about it!

Lola Monster

by Kayte

This is Lola’s new favorite noise. Usually she moves on to the next thing after a week or so, but she’s been fixated on this noise for almost a month now.

Contagious Laughter

by Kayte

I love to hear them laugh.


by Kayte

Everything I’ve read about raising twins emphasizes how important The Routine is. I read lots of books on sleep training, and while it didn’t always make sense at the time, our persistence really paid off. The babies are more settled when they know what to expect day-in-and-day-out, and mom is more sane when the two babies are in sync. And while it’s not always easy to maintain, there is nothing like a full night’s rest (for everybody) to keep you going through the next day.

Max & Lola were always on a schedule in the NICU, so it was easy to continue once we got home. Our routine is constantly evolving (it seems like just when you get something “figured out” it changes) but right now we seem to be in a really good place. The babies sleep 11 hours straight through the night, take (2) 1-2 hour naps, drink (2) bottles (I’m still pumping twice), breast feed (3) times and eat (3) solid meals a day. It feels like a constant barrage of feeding/eating, but somehow we still manage to fit in therapy 4 days per week, play dates, studying for the CPA exam, myriad doctor appointments and the more mundane tasks of life (paying bills, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, etc).

One of the most important things I learned about routines is that they are more like goals – if your day goes as planned, that’s great! If not, you just roll with the punches and start fresh again the next day.

8:00pm – 7:00am
Babies sleep through the night!

Mom wakes up, drinks coffee, pumps.

Babies wake up and hang out in their cribs making cute noises at each other.

Diaper change & bottle feed.

Breakfast – quinoa porridge mixed with a fruit puree and/or yogurt.

9:00am – 11:00am
Morning nap. This is their primary nap for the day, and their most consistent. I pretty much always get the full two hours. Lately I’ve mostly been studying for the CPA exam, but it’s also time for laundry, paying bills, cooking and/or whatever else needs to get done around the house.

Diaper change, breast feed, start cooking lunch.

Lunch – this is when we try a new food so we can keep an eye out for allergic reactions.

1:00pm – 2:00pm
This is our biggest chunk of free time during the day. Sometimes we’ll play, work on therapy stuff, take the dog for a walk, run errands or just get out of the house.

Diaper change, breast feed (very convenient if we’re out and about).

3:00pm – 5:00pm
Afternoon nap. This one is less consistent (usually more like an hour), though according to my sleep training books pretty soon the morning nap will fade out and the afternoon nap will become the primary (and only) nap.

Diaper change, bottle feed.

Dinner – I warm up some pre-made vegetable cubes from the freezer.

Bedtime ritual – diaper change, PJs, sleep sacks. Nurse Lola (Max doesn’t want it any more). Brush teeth. Read books. Turn on the white noise and into the cribs the babies go. Lola used to cry and Max would fall right asleep. Now Lola falls right asleep and Max cries. Either way, they both go to sleep eventually. You’ve been ferberized.

8:00pm – 11:00pm
This magical window seemed so elusive when we first started sleep training, but we got there! Three glorious hours of adult alone time. It’s our time to cook/eat dinner, catch up on the day, watch a TV show and relax (hah, not really). More like wash dishes, fold laundry, water the garden, walk the dog, prep bottles for the next day and anything else that didn’t get done. If the day has been really crazy I might do some more CPA exam studying. Then there’s one last pumping session before bedtime. And, of course, the blog!

I won’t lie, it’s all completely exhausting. And just seeing it all written down makes even me think I might be crazy. But I’ve never felt so satisfied at the end of a day! Goodnight 🙂


by Kayte

My friend Beeta and I went out for a mommy play date today aka a walk-and-talk around the park. The babies were in their strollers for most of the time, but they got to come out and play at the end of our walk.

Ryan is 4 months actual (7 months adjusted) older than Max & Lola. He’s also in the 90th percentile height and weight wise so he’s a lot bigger than them! He was so sweet and gentle with Max & Lola though, and the babies were quite smitten with their cool, older friend!






by Kayte

Came over for a play date today!



by Kayte

This was another food that didn’t get very smooth in the food processor, but my trusty Vitamix did the trick. I mixed it with quinoa that I cooked in banana-mango juice. When I steam fruits I save the cooking liquid to use later.

The blueberries didn’t go over as well as I thought. I try to do more veggies than fruit, so I always think something sweet will be a treat, but they weren’t impressed. I didn’t get one bite in Lola before she grabbed the spoon and started playing. Max took a few bites, but then got fussy. The mess was worse than the beets. Babies went straight into the bath after breakfast.




20130523-215517.jpg 20130523-215526.jpg


20130523-215555.jpg 20130523-215610.jpg

20130523-215619.jpg 20130523-215630.jpg

Pincer Grasp

by Kayte

Lola fed herself for the first time today! Last week she wouldn’t even look at the puffs on her tray. Then she started becoming more interested and would touch them. Suddenly today she picked one up with a perfect pincer grasp and put it in her mouth! So proud of my little girl making such big progress.

She’s going to catch up to Maxie in no time.


by Kayte

We’ve tried most of the traditional baby food vegetables so I thought we’d move on to some more complex flavors. For lunch Max & Lola had cheesy chicken & broccoli with red onion and a generous splash of olive oil. I sure thought it smelled good while it was cooking! Max didn’t seem to notice the onion one way or another and Lola didn’t seem to mind more or less than any other food. Par for the course.


Chop, chop, chop.


Chicken, broccoli, red onion & olive oil.


Epic spoon battle!


Lola wins.

Clap Clap Clap

by Kayte

Max learned this trick a few weeks ago when Auntie K was here but I hadn’t been able to get a good video of it until today. Clap clap clap!

Thumb Suckers

by Kayte

I think this is the real reason that Lola started sleeping through the night. Max has been a thumb sucking champ for awhile now. Lola used to love her pacifier, but stopped using it a long time ago. I thought she had grown out of it and was past the point of learning how to suck her thumb (not all kids do), but guess not!

20130520-224224.jpg 20130520-224231.jpg

Max used to do the turkey-hand fingers spread suck, but just recently has graduated to the fist. Lola looks like she’s following in bro’s footsteps. Sometimes she uses her free hand to hold the thumb hand like she wants to make sure it doesn’t get away!

Vaudeville in the Park

by Kayte

On Sunday we went to a fundraiser show for the Independent Shakespeare Company. It’s a group that performs Free Shakespeare in Griffith Park during the summer. The venue is great. It’s set way back at the old zoo with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. The caves from the old bear exhibits are still there which is really neat for the kids.

It was fun to see how engaged Max and Lola were with everything. They did a lot of people watching, enjoyed rolling around on the blanket and were very interested in the performances on stage. We should definitely find more things like this to do on the weekends. It was the perfect way to spend a warm summer Sunday.







20130520-114819.jpg 20130520-114827.jpg
Sparkling Lemonade!