Cutie Bug

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The last few days we’ve noticed Lola’s fontanelle getting fuller. It’s still flat (not bulging), but we can feel the soft spot pulsing. We took her to the pediatrician today. He wasn’t immediately concerned (i.e. we didn’t end up in the ER), but given her history he got hold of our neurosurgeon right away. They’re going to schedule a CT scan next week to see what’s up. In the meantime we’ll continue to monitor and call the doctor if anything changes.

Baby’s Best Friend

by Kayte

Sudlow’s such a good dog.

20130626-215932.jpg 20130626-215944.jpg

Pull Up

by Kayte

Up until now, standing activities have been taboo in our household. Crawling is related to math & reading skills later on, so the therapists wanted to make sure Max & Lola didn’t skip it. But now that Max has started crawling, there are no holds barred in therapy. Yesterday was the first time I saw the therapist encourage standing, and Max took to it like a fish (or a baby) to water. I think our lives will be changing very quickly from now on.


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I found these little popsicle molds in our cupboard the other day and threw some apple juice in them for the kids.


Max & Lola liked the flavor, but they couldn’t figure out how to hold the handle to keep their hands from freezing. I ended up biting off little pieces and hand-feeding them instead.

20130624-213024.jpg 20130624-213029.jpg

Tofu Two Ways

by Kayte

New food: tofu!

When we were in Michigan Lola ate quite a bit of my mom’s asparagus soup which had a lot of different flavors. Sometimes babies don’t like baby food because it’s so bland, so I thought I’d try to add some more flavor. I sautéed zucchini & onion in butter & olive oil, seasoned with basil, salt & pepper. Then I pan-fried half of the tofu and cut the rest into bite-sized pieces.

20130624-212700.jpg 20130624-212707.jpg

Since Max did so well with his big-kid breakfast yesterday we did it again today. I puréed some of the zucchini & tofu for Lola. She really seemed to like it, and even ate some of the bite-sized pieces too.



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There’s no stopping him now!

Epic Breakfast

by Kayte

We had such a fun breakfast this morning! Max ate an entire meal of big-kid finger food; bite-sized pieces of scrambled egg and banana. No purees! He topped it off with some yogurt and puffs. Lola pounded a jar of pears, ate half a yogurt and fed herself puffs. Brody and I sat back and drank our coffees. It was one of the most relaxing, enjoyable meals we’ve had together as a family. Many more to come!

Pool Party

by Kayte

No rest for the weary. After only a couple of recovery days after the big vacation, we went out to a friend’s for a BBQ and swimming. Max & Lola got new pool floats and they were a big hit.


Before the floats, it was hard to take both babies swimming. It got tiring after awhile, and there was always the fear of them slipping out of my hands. Plus, they had to take turns. But now they can both go in at the same time and hang out like big kids (in the shade). Sudlow wanted in on the action too.


Max & Lola were once again mesmerized by their cool older friends – Sasha & Mia. Both girls were so good with the babies; swimming, playing, feeding, holding. Naturals!


Sudlow had fun playing with his new friend Remy. After all that playing and swimming, he needed to lounge 🙂



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Jealousy – the great motivator.

Max started crawling last Saturday after the picnic. An early Father’s Day present. He was hesitant at first, but now he’s all over the place. Time to baby proof!


by Kayte

I haven’t posted very much this past week because we’ve been away on vacation! But don’t worry – I took lots of pictures and documented everything while we were gone. We had a great time away, but we’re glad to be back home.

Hope you enjoy the memories as much as we did making them.

Day 9: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

by Kayte

Getting back home was a looooong, tiring endeavor. We got up at 7am ET and said our goodbyes to Grandma & Grandpa.


We piled the babies and luggage into the car and headed to Ann Arbor to meet up with my bestie Michelle for brunch at Zingerman’s. She had ironically been out of town (boo!) the same week we were in Michigan, so this was our only chance to see her.


20130619-224144.jpg 20130619-224152.jpg


Ann Arbor to the Detroit airport was a quick, easy drive. Our plane didn’t leave until 3pm ET and we got there way early. We had plenty of time to check our bags, get through security, find our gate and take care of some diaper changes.


20130619-224218.jpgWe had a layover in Houston on the way back home which was a big-time drag. A four-hour direct flight turned into (2) three-hour flights with a one-hour layover in between (and a 30-minute delay). We had to dismantle and reassemble the caravan of baby equipment twice. And at this point the babies were OVER IT. The parents were too, for that matter. Max & Lola were both fussy, Max wouldn’t sleep and Lola threw up on our descent into LAX. It could have been a lot worse, but it sure wasn’t much fun for anyone.


20130619-224223.jpg 20130619-224228.jpg


Max finally fell asleep - Lola was ready to party!

We finally got home around 9pm PT, which means we’d been awake and in transit for nearly 17 hours. The babies passed out as soon as we got home, and I’m staying up way too late getting the last of these blog posts written! We had an amazing time touring the midwest and visiting with friends and family, but like they say, there’s no place like home!


Day 8: Countryside

by Kayte

We spent our last full day in Michigan enjoying the beautiful outdoors. First, we visited Autumn & Lisa at their Little-Red-Schoolhouse-Turned-Crafty-Home — a unique little house set on 9.5 acres of land. We walked around the property and got a grand tour of the place inside and out.






After lunch we headed to the lake for a make-up swim to “wash away” yesterday’s bad lake experience. Although the weather had cooled down significantly, the sun was still warm and the babies weren’t phased. Apparently nothing can get in the way of Max & Lola’s splash time.



20130619-074659.jpg 20130619-074707.jpg


20130619-074755.jpg 20130619-074801.jpg


Later that evening we went down to the barn to visit my parents’ horse Rusty. Max met him earlier in the week but was pretty scared and started crying. In true form, brave little Lola thought a 1,000 pound animal was great fun. Max was still a little cautious, but no tears this time (and close-up too!).

20130619-074847.jpg 20130619-074852.jpg


Day 7: Lake Michigan

by Kayte

Today was supposed to be a fun beach excursion, but it turned out to be kind of a bust. We drove 2+ hours to Lake Michigan, and although the weather cooperated, the babies did not! I thought Max & Lola would be ready to have some fun after a long car nap, but they were cranky almost from the minute we got there. They cried in the stroller on the walk down the pier, wanted nothing to do with lunch, then continued to cry in the cabana. The only fun Max & Lola had was jumping in the waves, but the water was really gross from some recent flooding so we didn’t stay in very long (and bathed as soon as we got home!). C’est la vie – better luck next time.


Everybody’s mood improved once we got back to my parents’ house. Clean diapers, clean babies, clean clothes. Big bottles and dinner out on the deck (until the mosquitoes chased us inside). I wonder if Max & Lola’s vacation tolerance is wearing thin. They’ve been SO well behaved up until today. Maybe they’re just over it. I also wonder if Max is teething in earnest. He’s been extra fussy and I think I just might see the tiniest white mark on his lower gum. Maybe. Just in time for our flight home – oh boy!



Six Teeth

by Kayte

Four on top, two on the bottom. Max still has zero.


Day 6: Father’s Day

by Kayte

We’re so lucky to spend Father’s Day with two amazing dads. Love you both!








Day 5: Picnic

by Kayte

On Saturday we threw a meet-the-babies open house for everyone who hadn’t met Max & Lola yet. The weather was overcast and a little drizzly, but not enough to chase us away. We had a great group of people; family, friends, co-workers, kids. We grilled hot dogs, played horseshoes, fished, swam, kayaked and caught up with people we hadn’t seen in far too long.

Max & Lola were, once again, amazing. From the second we arrived at the park they were passed from stranger to stranger for hours. They took it all in stride. I wasn’t sure what they would think of the cool lake water but, as you can see from the pictures, they loved it. My little tadpoles.

Day 4: The Burg

by Kayte

We weren’t sure how we’d all be feeling after two big days of traveling, so we didn’t make any plans for our first day in Michigan. We all slept like rocks in the fresh country air and woke up to a beautiful green oasis.


After sleeping in, we went into town for coffee. Living in a small town you run into a lot of people you know, so the babies got to meet even more new people.


My BFF Jeremy and his GF Stefani came over for a visit. Neither of them had met the babies yet, but they were both naturals. I put them to work almost immediately. We took the babies for a walk around the lake and ran into more old friends. The rest of the day we just relaxed and played with the babies.


The time change is throwing me off. I’m doing okay keeping the babies on California time, but I’m not quite sure when I’m supposed to eat and sleep. I think I might still be in Chicago 🙂 It’s been pretty confusing.


Since the security incident first night, Max & Lola have been going to sleep very quickly. It seems all the activity is really wearing them out.