Battle of the Chompers

by Kayte

Max – 3
Lola – 8

20130731-160753.jpg 20130731-160812.jpg

Thai Chicken Curry

by Kayte

The cookbook strikes again – yum! This one was a big hit with the babies. And the sauce could work with any protein and any variety of vegetables. Definitely a keeper.





by Kayte

Lola had her follow up appointment with the GI today. He weighed her in at 15lb 1oz – a 12oz gain since our last visit. The doctor was happy with her weight gain – especially considering the month she just had. Lola is following her own curve and appears perfectly healthy, if somewhat petite. He again stressed the importance of not stressing about food and just letting her eat what she wants. For now we’ll just continue to track her weight at our normal pediatrician check ups.

We may be entering a new phase of eating. Around a year old (developmentally) kids are supposed to transition from liquid nutrition (milk/formula) to regular food. I had been worried that Lola hasn’t been eating her bottles post-op, but the GI said she might just be making that transition. Their due date was Sunday so developmentally they should be around a year old now. We just have to make sure she’s getting enough calcium and iron from the foods she’s eating, and the prospect of being bottle-free is kind of exciting! They’re becoming more and more like little people all the time.

Mini Meatballs

by Kayte

I’m trying to be creative with finger foods that are nutrition-packed, easy to pick up and soft enough to mash between teethless gums. I’ve been finding my baby cookbooks more helpful lately. When we first started foods the recipes were all “steam, purée,” but now I find myself turning the pages often for inspiration.

Today’s dinner was mini meatballs with hidden vegetable sauce (spinach – hence the brown color) and ricotta cheese. Calcium, iron, protein, fat and lots of calories. Not to mention yummy! We’re slowly starting to blur the lines between adult food and baby food.

20130729-215352.jpg 20130729-215357.jpg
The meatballs were great finger food. Max & Lola both chowed. They wanted to eat the ricotta as finger food too. Not quite as graceful, but I think most of it ended up in their mouths 🙂

20130729-215405.jpg 20130729-215410.jpg

Track & Field

by Kayte

After a repeat MRI on his knee, Brody finally got the OK to start running. It’s been a year since he had knee surgery. We went to the track this morning so we could take turns running laps while they babies hung out on the infield.




Photo Finish

Day Trip

by Kayte

Gamma & Papa came in for a quick visit today. It was short but sweet. See you again soon!


Blueberry Pancakes

by Kayte

Lola’s eating was on an upward trend before the surgery, and she doesn’t seem to have been set back a bit. She’s especially adept at finger foods lately. Her overreactive gag reflex seems to have subsided for the most part so she can handle chunkier foods, and self-feeding satisfies her need for independence.

Max, on the other hand, is kinda lazy. He has no gag reflex and excellent fine motor skills. But he still prefers his food puréed to a pulp and shoveled in his mouth. Quickly.

I’m hoping Lola’s good eating translates into some weight soon. We were at the ped yesterday and Lola is still just shy of fifteen at 14lb 14oz. Max’s shovel technique seems to be doing the trick – he’s at 20lb 12oz and fitting into 12-18 month clothing!



20130725-172147.jpg 20130725-172154.jpg


I thought some milk would pair nicely with pancakes. Their first glass of cow’s milk ever. How does Max know how to do this already!?

So Lucky

by Kayte



Poached Salmon

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The Giggler

by Kayte

Having a bad day? You won’t be after you watch this.

I know I might be slightly biased, but Lola has THE BEST laugh 🙂


by Kayte




by Kayte

Everyone got an amazing night’s rest last night. Lola went to sleep at her usual bedtime and slept through the night. Max actually cried more than she did. I know Lola has been through an exhausting ordeal, but I expected at least a couple nighttime interruptions. Maybe we won’t revert as far back the timeline as I originally thought.

One of the most challenging things has been following the doctor’s order to keep Lola lying flat all weekend. They don’t want her to sit up and cause a drastic pressure change in her head. It’s a little disconcerting because her fontanelle doesn’t feel sunken like it has after past surgeries. Since that’s always been our reassurance that the shunt it working, it’s making us a little nervous. But this was a different kind of surgery, and maybe a less drastic change is a good thing.

Lola is sick of lying down and desperately wants to be allowed in a different position, but not until tomorrow. Until then we’re finding creative ways to keep her horizontal while still doing normal things. We surrounded her with toys for playtime, reclined the stroller to take her for a walk, and created a mess-zone for eating. She’s got a good appetite for both bottles and solids, but it sure isn’t easy to feed her lying down. Just a few more hours to get through until Monday.

Homeward Bound

by Kayte

We got our discharge orders this afternoon and were on our way home by three. We spent thirty hours overnight in the hospital for brain surgery. It’s a little dizzying to have her back in our care so quickly after such an ordeal.

Of course we’re glad to have everyone back under one roof. We just hope she continues to do well. We have a couple followup appointments scheduled so the responsibility doesn’t feel as overwhelming. We see the pediatrician this upcoming Wednesday and neurosurgery the following Tuesday.


She’s Back

by Kayte

I don’t know how this girl can be so happy having just undergone surgery, but Lola is one smiley, giggly little baby. 20130720-113955.jpg
We both got a pretty decent night’s rest, considering the location. She’s taken a few bottles, and we’ll try solids soon. Neurosurgery came by and though she was doing great. Things are looking good for a smooth discharge. 20130720-114244.jpg
We had a little FaceTime with Max & Daddy this morning. Hopefully we’ll see them in person very soon!


by Kayte

We finally made it to our room. They said we were lucky – some people didn’t get beds tonight. And it’s a nice one too. Totally private with its own bathroom and shower.

Lola is doing amazingly well for being just a few hours post-op. We’re having a regular giggly girls’ night over here.

Meanwhile I’ve been up since 5am dealing with stressful hospital/surgery stuff. Time for some well-deserved rest. Goodnight!

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Recovery Floor

by Brody

Lola is out of surgery and on the recovery floor. We’re waiting for a room to open up, but the hospital is really full today so it might be awhile.


We spoke to the doctor and he said everything went well. He was able to make four holes in the cyst(s) walls. The catheter in her head wasn’t draining at all – he thinks the cyst wall got sucked into the end and was blocking it. The tube in her tummy was draining fine so they just left it as-is. Only one incision – whew. That’s our definition of minimally invasive.

The doctor said the cyst walls are currently like tissue paper floating around in water. In time they should shrink back and attach to the walls of ventricles. In the mean time we have to be on the lookout for the the “tissue paper” blocking the shunt. He didn’t sound very certain that we wouldn’t have to do a shunt revision in the future, but we hopefully took care of the root of the problem. Which is a good start. Or a restart. For now we’ll just let her recover and do another MRI in a month or two to check things out.

The Waiting

by Kayte

20130719-150953.jpgWe got to Children’s Hospital at nine this morning.

20130719-150959.jpgChecked into admitting and did all of our pre-op labs.

20130719-151004.jpgThey took her into the OR around 1:30pm.

20130719-151011.jpgNow we’re just waiting.

Raspberry Duet

by Kayte

This is Max & Lola’s new form of communication. One will start, and the other will answer.

Summer Collage

by Kayte

Some random pictures from the last few weeks.

Safety First

by Kayte