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Such a good dog. The babies are in love. Sudlow is…tolerant.

Heat Wave

by Kayte

It’s been hot, hot, hot here lately. What better way to beat the heat than with some homemade ice cream? My baby cookbook came in handy again with its section on VEGETABLE ice cream. Yup, my *poor* kids can’t even escape veggies in their ice cream 🙂 This one was carrot-orange frozen yogurt, and we all thought it was quite tasty. Not to mention a beautiful color. Dare I try the brussels sprouts ice cream?

This is How Weerol

by Kayte

You may have seen Max with his new walker a couple weeks ago, but he’s been practicing since then — and now Lola’s in on the act too.

We found the walker through a Kickstarter campaign – it’s called a Weerol and it’s designed to grow with your child. It starts out as a walker for little ones, then morphs into a rider or a wheelbarrow for older kids. It’s good for parents too: multi-purpose toys = less clutter! We’ve definitely gotten a lot of fun out of it so far.


by Kayte

We had our wellness visit with the pediatrician yesterday. It was pretty routine, nothing too exciting. He’s still not happy with Lola’s weight gain. She was only 15lb 5oz. I thought for sure she’d have gained more with all this good eating! The GI still wants to give her a little more time before we take any action.

In the meantime we’re going to start her on PediaSure to see if we can sneak in some extra calories. Max & Lola have both pretty much weaned themselves off of milk/bottles. We were down to just one in the morning, but neither of them have taken even that this past week. So I’m not sure how successful the PediaSure will be. Lola only ate half of an 8oz bottle this morning. I thought for Sure she’d go crazy over it because it’s all lab-made sugar and artificial flavoring. Guess she has better taste than that!

Max was 21lb 2oz. Not as big of a gain as previously, but he’s using all his calories to move. We don’t have another checkup with the ped for 3 months – like normal kids!


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Lolar’s Molars

by Kayte

I stuck my finger in Lola’s mouth and found FOUR molars that had cut through. One on each side, top and bottom. She’s so perfectly symmetrical. I had had my eye on one, but the other three were a surprise. She’s been extra drooly, but not too extra cranky. What a trooper. That brings her to a grand total of TWELVE teeth. Wow!

20130825-201354.jpg 20130825-201401.jpg

Max is holding strong at three and boy are they coming in crooked. That middle one is at about a 45* angle. I see some braces in this kid’s future.


Dad in the Kitchen

by Kayte

Bacon-cheddar omelette and hash browns — “none of that fruit stuff.”


Rock n’ Roll

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Therapy Overload

by Kayte

This was our first week of six sessions of therapy for Lola. They increased her home physical and developmental therapies to 2X a week each (4 sessions total), and we still go to the clinic for occupational therapy and another PT (double duty day). And that’s not even counting Max’s 4 sessions per week, though they do overlap so it’s not extra work, just extra time. It’s pretty intense but, assuming her medical issues are in the clear, the therapists are hoping the frequent sessions will help her catch up.

We’ve already been noticing big positive changes in Lola this past month. Feeding has flipped a complete 180. She eats everything, in large quantities and can handle all sorts of textures. She prefers to feed herself, so it’s mostly all finger foods. Physically she’s blossoming – sitting up straight, taking baby steps when we stand her up, trying to stand, sit, and roll. It’s like she figured out that she can move and now she’s just waiting for her body to get with the program. And her little personality comes out more and more everyday. She’s so happy and curious and silly and chatty. I’m excited to see what these next few weeks bring.

French Toast

by Kayte

This is a great kid-friendly recipe that mixes apple juice in with the egg so the French toast is nice and moist without a bunch of added syrup. Lola is really good about taking bites of larger foods (like sticks of toast), and she seems to do better holding them too. Max, on the other hand, will shove anything in his mouth, no matter how big. I still have to give him bite-sized pieces, and a few at a time, or else he stuffs his cheeks like a hamster.




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Friday night we put the kids to bed in the car and hit the road for a weekend getaway in Arrowhead at Gamma & Papa’s cabin. It’s the perfect destination: a relatively short drive, but remote enough to get away from it all. The babies loved the fresh air (minus the allergies) and new sights. Brody and I were forced to relax, which is rare these days. It was a great trip, but with these twins I need some time to recover before our next vacation!


by Kayte

We’re up in Arrowhead for the weekend and poor Lola woke up with one eye red, swollen and runny. She must be allergic to something. Boy was she miserable. We gave her some Benadryl and the soothing effect was almost immediate. I hope this isn’t something that plagues her too badly the rest of her life.


Max: One Year Ago

by Kayte

Max came home one year ago today, on August 17th. The day our family was finally whole again 🙂

Fish Cakes

by Kayte

These little gems are a full meal packed in a tiny patty: salmon, onion, potatoes, peas, corn and carrot. The taste reminded me a little of tuna noodle casserole. They were held together with egg, but turned out a little too crumbly to make for good finger food (see Lola below). I’ll need to experiment making them a little firmer next time.

20130817-165823.jpg 20130817-165832.jpg


20130817-165849.jpg 20130817-165857.jpg


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A neighbor brought these over from her backyard. We have lots of fig trees growing nearby and now is the season.



Moving & Groovin

by Kayte

Our PT suggested that Max was ready to hold on to something less steady than a table, so we got this walker. I was sure he’d faceplant and knock out all those nice new teeth, but as soon as I let go he figured it out! Still hovering for now 🙂 He’s so proud of himself!

Meanwhile Lola is really coming into her own. She is so full of life and personality. Clapping is her new favorite. Following in her brother’s footsteps, and catching up fast.

Like the raspberries, Max & Lola will copy each other. One starts clapping, the other answers. A round of applause! This is when all the crazy hard work of raising twins starts paying off in cuteness.

Zoo Date

by Kayte

We tried to have a nice picnic at the zoo with our friend Jacob, but the universe wasn’t cooperating. First, it was HOT. We were all sweaty and cranky by the time we walked to the playground. Second, our lunch was swarmed by bees! We were buzzed by one, then two, then more and more. By the time we left there were at least five bees fighting over a piece of chicken we had left! What kind of bees eat chicken? Killer bees!? Either way, we were outta there. It WAS good to see Katrina and Jacob, even though the bees crashed our party.

And just to prove how uncooperative the day was, I didn’t even manage to get a good picture! I always get at least one…


Broccoli-Cheddar Frittata

by Kayte

You say frittata. I say frittata.

This makes a great finger food AND is an awesome way to incorporate veggies into breakfast. I love it! Just…umm…don’t grab the frying pan handle after you pull it out of a 350* oven :/


20130814-185357.jpg 20130814-185402.jpg

Laundry Day

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Block Party

by Kayte

We had a very busy weekend. Yesterday was the birthday party and today our street hosted a block party to get the neighbors outdoors and socializing. It was fun to hang with old friends and meet new people. Max & Lola had a blast watching the other kids – they can’t wait until they’re old enough to run around too! The babies had their first meal of potluck food – potato salad, guacamole, meatballs, fruit and a cupcake. Kind of like the Very Hungry Caterpillar – yum!