by Kayte

NOW I see why that is so important. And non-toxic!

Babies had their first art class today. They got to pick the colors, and all the strokes are their own (though a few of Lola’s were while wrestling the marker out of her mouth).




by Kayte

Two weeks after our last visit, we found ourselves back on Sawtelle for another Asian food fest. We met up with some friends at ROC to sate our craving for soup dumplings. This time there was more variety for the babies. Max & Lola enjoyed scallion pancakes, pork soup dumplings, vegetable buns, chicken rice cake, and garlic green beans. They really seem to enjoy getting out, so we’d better take advantage while they’re still willing to sit still in their high chairs!





Pint Size Kids

by Kayte

Max & Lola had a play date with their friend Ryan at one of his favorite play spaces – Pint Size Kids. Max & Lola were fascinated by their new surroundings – lots of kids to watch and so many new toys to play with. It only took them a minute to adjust to all the noise and action, then they were off crawling and playing. It made me so happy to see them exploring and having a good time. A nice break from our daily therapy routine.







Apple-Pumpkin Pancakes

by Kayte

The weather has finally cooled down which means I’m craving fall food! This morning I made apple-pumpkin pancakes for breakfast.


I gave Max a whole pancake for a photo-op and then had to wrestle it from his clutches before he shoved the entire thing in his mouth and choked himself.


Happy Fall!

Little Lola’s Laughter

by Kayte

Baby’s First BBQ

by Kayte

We celebrated Family Sunday Funday with our LA peeps and made our Best BBQ Ribs which take a day of prep and at least 4 hours on the grill. The babies enjoyed their first baby back.

20130924-203904.jpg 20130924-203856.jpg 20130924-203945.jpg

Outside Play

by Kayte

Max is obsessed with the broom. Lola and Sudlow bond.


by Kayte

3 dogs.
2 babies.
1 walk.


Bye Bye

by Kayte


by Kayte

I’ve had a huge craving for ramen lately, so we took advantage of our locale and headed to Sawtelle for some amazing soup. I wasn’t sure if the babies would be able to eat in such a specialized restaurant, but they chowed down on boiled egg, rice and, of course, noodles! They were so cute sitting at the bar. It was fun to get out on the town and eat good food like we used to do so much. Craving satisfied.







Weight Check

by Kayte

We took Lola in for her follow-up weight check. She gained 4oz for a total of 15lb 9oz. That was good for the two week span, and the pediatrician was finally happy with her progress. We’re going to stay on the PediaSure for now and check het again in another month.

Dragon Tails

by Kayte

I am officially declaring zucchini as Max & Lola’s favorite vegetable. Or “dragon tails” as cousin Booker calls them. While I know kids’ eating habits can change on a dime, it’s the one veggie that they consistently pound (for now). They like it sliced and sautéed in olive oil with a sprinkle of salt. Mmm.


First Steps

by Kayte

PT is getting fun.

Bear Crawl

by Kayte

Max has decided he doesn’t like the feel of grass or cement on his knees. I suppose it’s a good motivator together him to walk soon!

Therapy Clinic

by Kayte

Tuesdays are our double-duty therapy days at the clinic. We have PT from 11-12, stick around for an hour to eat lunch, then have OT from 1-2. It’s a long, tough day. Max & Lola crashed out on the car ride home and barely opened their eyes as I transferred them to their cribs for a nice long nap.





Tooth Update

by Kayte

Max has two new teeth that just cut through on the top, for a total of five. Whereas Lola’s teeth have come in perfectly symmetrical, Max’s are all concentrated on the left side of his mouth.


Lola still has twelve teeth, but those molars are coming in strong. I’m afraid to stick an exploratory finger in there anymore.


Rosh Hashanah

by Kayte

L’shanah tovah! Inspired by the recent block party, our neighbors got together to celebrate the Jewish new year. Our babies are growing up in such a loving community.








by Kayte

We have a couple of house guests staying with us right now. Max is in heaven. He and Stella could play this game all day long.

MRI Brain Limited

by Kayte

We spent another long day at the hospital today. Lola’s follow up MRI was scheduled for noon and an appointment with the neurosurgeon to follow at three. Lola has been acting and developing amazingly well since the cyst surgery, but we never know for sure until we look inside.

CHLA offers a procedure called a Limited MRI where they’re able to take a smaller range of images in a shortened amount of time. Full-range MRIs are an hour long and require sedation, but today (after a lot of waiting) we were in and out of the machine in less than five minutes. It was great. And rather than have to wait a couple days for the results, we walked right over neurosurgery to discuss.

Today (top) vs. July (bottom)

I was understandably nervous. We haven’t had good luck with MRIs in the past. I was hoping today we would just get a straightforward, good report for once, but I was trying not to get my hopes up. Turns out it was our lucky day. The MRI result looked great. Lola’s ventricles were smaller and the cyst looked like an undefined, deflated balloon. The surgery worked!

It’s strange to think that this neurosurgeon, who we have only ever talked to TWICE, may be someone who will have one of the biggest impacts on our life. I really wonder where we would be today if we hadn’t gotten a second opinion and had let that other guy put another shunt in our little girl’s head. As with everything, it’s probably best just to keep looking forward. After today I feel as though I can release the breath I’ve been holding since July and really embrace the progress Lola’s made this past month.

Bike MS

by Kayte

In 2010 Brody joined the Rowdy Riders in their fight against multiple sclerosis. He trained his butt off and rode his bike 160 miles in two days to raise money for the National MS Society. He wasn’t able to participate in the ride last year after his knee surgery, but now he’s back in the saddle!

In October, Brody will attempt to ride 100 miles once again. His knee has felt pretty good so far, and I know he’s happy to be back doing something he loves. Please take a minute to check out his participant page, and lend your support if you can!