First Haircut

by Kayte

Max’s hair had grown so long in back it was practically a mullet. We decided it was time for his first haircut. Lola’s had several “haircuts” with her surgeries, so I’m going to let hers grow for awhile. Though I will say she was looking kind of shabby after Max’s grooming.






Happy Thanksgiving

by Kayte

Good food. Great family.







20131129-114925.jpg 20131129-114934.jpg


20131129-114954.jpg 20131129-115006.jpg


by Kayte

My parents and brother are here for the holidays. The weather back east is freezing and snowy, and we spent the day eating ice cream in the park.




We made latkes for the first night of Hanukkah. Max & Lola opened their own presents this year – new balls. Max loves carrying his around, and Lola has a good throw!


Sit to Stand

by Kayte

Today was the first time I’ve seen Lola do either of these in her crib, unassisted. Girl is ready to move!

20131126-213739.jpg 20131126-213746.jpg

Rude Awakening

by Kayte

This day did not get off to a good start. Max is apparently NOT recovered from his illness. Poor guy. It’s been on-and-off for over a month now so I cancelled therapy and took him to the doctor. The ped wasn’t too concerned – he thought Max looked good and relatively speaking his symptoms aren’t too bad. There’s no medicine that will help so all we can do it treat the symptoms like we have been – Pedialyte, bananas, apples, toast. Apparently it’s a good thing that he’s getting it all out of his system so we just have to roll with it.

We are going to test a stool sample to see if there’s anything more serious going on. The visit kind of backfired. I thought we were going to get rid of the poo, but instead now I have to play with it and go on a poo scavenger hunt.


This is my face.


Max’s Molar

by Kayte

Max finally got his first molar! I noticed it cut through last week when his toothbrush came away bloody. That makes a very uneven total of 8 teeth. Three on the bottom-right, four on the top middle, and now one top-right molar.


He seems to be feeling much better, but things are still not quite right. Let’s just say he’s still in the disposable diapers. I wonder if it has something to do with the teething, or maybe he’s allergic to something? This has been going on for way too long now.


by Kayte

Messy fun at therapy today!



by Kayte

The weather was beautiful today – 70* and sunny with clouds blowing across the sky. A perfect (SoCal) fall day. After our walk with Sudlow we stayed out in the front yard and played for awhile.

Max seems to be feeling much better. Not as cranky, appetite is coming back, and there have been no hosing-downs for two days now! Let’s hope this thing is behind us once and for all.

More Teeth

by Kayte

There hasn’t been much action in the tooth department since the last wave of chompers came in, but Max is finally starting to even out that lop-sided mouth of his. On top of being sick he must have also been teething. His two front-top-left teeth cut through just the other day for a total of seven. Talk about a miserable week for a kid.20131117-212741.jpg

Home Away from Home

by Kayte

Whew what a morning we’ve had – and it’s not even noon yet!

We got up at 7am, loaded into the car, and headed to the pediatrician for a walk-in appointment (LOVE our pediatrician, btw). Max & Lola’s Synagis medication was delivered yesterday so I wanted to get them their shots ASAP. Usually babies only get approved for the uber-expensive shots during their first year of RSV season, but somehow our pediatrician managed to get them both approved for a second year. (Did I mention the love?) That medication saved Max from a really nasty illness earlier this year, so I’m really happy they’re getting the protection again.

I had a laundry list of other things to discuss with the pediatrician – when it rains, it pours:

  1. Lola fell and hit her head a couple weeks ago so we’ve been watching her extra closely. It’s hard to isolate her symptoms with everything else going on, but she has been extra fussy and grabbing at her ears/head. Just to be safe we’re going to get another MRI. He might not have ordered it with the traditional anesthesia MRI, but since CHLA can do the limited version with no anesthesia, he didn’t think there was a down side. Better safe than sorry.
  2. Lola has had two bloody noses in the past week – talk about scary! Both times I was out of the room, and when I came back she was covered in blood. Thankfully the doc wasn’t too worried about this one. He said it’s probably due to a combination of the dry air and dehydration from her sickness last week. A humidifier in their room at night and a little Vaseline in the nose should do the trick.
  3. Also due to last week’s sickness, Lola has been having very painful poops – screaming/crying the whole time. I feel awful for her, but it’s nothing serious – everything is just irritated from all that going and wiping. There’s not a lot we can do for her, just keep it clean and try not to irritate it any further.
  4. I still had the order for Lola’s bloodwork from the GI. We were waiting for our visit to the endocrinologist to do it, but since we’re not seeing him until January we got it out of the way now. Poor Little Miss’s veins are so tiny they always have a hard time drawing blood. They had to poke each arm to get enough to fill the vials, then she got a third poke for the Synagis. Lola was NOT a happy camper by the end of the visit.

Oh right, then I still have a SECOND sick child. We were a little concerned because some of our baby food was recalled this week, and we had mostly finished it all already. We were wondering if Max had food poisoning, but the doctor confirmed he’s just dealing with this stomach bug that’s going around. The poor guy has lost so much weight. A month ago he was 22lb 9oz and today he was only 22lb 1oz. I’m not too worried though. Lola was down to 15lb 12oz last week when she was sick, and she’s already gained it back plus more – 16lb 9oz! So that was a bright spot in our morning.

Between the office visit, blood work and Synagis shots we were at the doctor’s office for two hours. It was an exhausting start to our day, but I feel like we got a lot of good housekeeping done. All of the issues were kind of building up to a breaking point, so I’m glad to have my mind set at ease on most points.

Okay, now it’s noon. Can I have a glass of wine?


by Kayte

Poor Maxie. Two days in a row I’ve had to wash his sheets.



by Kayte

I think I spoke too soon when I said the household was feeling better.

I’ve been feeling nauseous all weekend. Brody has had an upset stomach. And I just threw Max into the tub with all of his clothes on so I could hose him down – it was that bad. I should have known something was up when he started refusing food at the last couple meals.


Lola on the other hand is good as new. She must have gotten it first and infected everyone else right before she recovered. Her appetite is back two-fold. She’s been eating more than Max at mealtimes. I definitely should have known something was up.


by Kayte

They’re learning how to bite with those chompers.

20131111-180651.jpg 20131111-180700.jpg

Night Walk

by Kayte

With the recent time change it’s usually dark by the time the babies wake up from their afternoon nap, but we won’t let that stop us from getting outside! Max loves playing with the flashlight.


Sickie Update: Everyone’s feeling much better – Monday/Tuesday was definitely the worst of it. Appetites and spirits were pretty much back to normal today. It seems Brody and I have also escaped unscathed (fingers crossed).

Stomach Bug

by Kayte

Our pediatrician and therapists told us about this nasty stomach virus that’s going around right now, and seems like Max & Lola both have it. Lola worse than Max. Irritability, lack of appetite, dehydration, and oh the diapers. Let’s just say we’re taking a break from cloth for a few days cause…yeah. Yuck.


Convertible Car Seat

by Kayte

Maxie recently grew out of his infant car seat so we had to upgrade him to the convertible model. It’s still rear-facing for now, and will switch to forward-facing when he’s ready. It isn’t removable like the easy-to-carry infant seat, but honestly he’s too big to be lugging around anyway.


Lola still fits in her infant seat for now but, like Max, she’ll probably outgrow the height limit (30″) before she outgrows the weight (30lb).


by Kayte

We sent Lola’s paperwork to the endocrinologist to set up an appointment. After reviewing her chart, he decided she wasn’t an urgent case and we were given his next available opening in January. It’s a great sign that a specialist doesn’t think she’s urgent, but I’m not sure if my pediatrician will want to wait that long. We’ll see what he says tomorrow.

HAPPY Halloween

by Kayte

And they didn’t even eat any candy!

P.S. Walking is how Max gets around 90% of the time now. He can carry so many toys with his hands free!