The Yellow Balloon

by Kayte

Lola was really looking unkempt after Max got his first hair cut, so we decided to take her in for a little trim too. We want her hair to grow out so they didn’t cut much, but she does look a lot cleaner now. Two kids officially graduated from babyhood.




Family Christmas

by Kayte

We came back from the desert yesterday and put two very tired kids to bed. They were worn out from all the festivities and playing with their cousin. This morning we woke up and celebrated our family Christmas at home. We were truly overwhelmed by the number of people who thought of us this holiday season and sent their love our way. Happy holidays and best wishes to you all!


Winter Swim

by Brody

Today we said goodbye to our family in the desert and headed back home. On our way out of town we stopped to visit with one of Brody’s college friends and her family. They had a heated pool (84*) and it was a beautiful day so we decided to jump in. There were several teenage girls to play with the babies so I even had my hands free for a few minutes! It was a great visit. Since I know she reads the blog occasionally — Hi Anne!

20131228-194710.jpg 20131228-194731.jpg

Christmas in the Desert

by Kayte

We’re in Palm Springs with grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Merry Christmas!!!



by Kayte

All is Well

by Kayte

I realize it’s been over a week since my last post. The last time we’ve had radio silence like this was when the babies came home last year and I was swamped. This time around all is well. I’ve just been busy getting things ready for Christmas AND I had a terrible cold that put me out of commission for a few days. Luckily the babies fought it off so today we’re all healthy and ready for the holidays.

Last week was pretty routine. We had PT and CDS at the house. OT won’t start at home until next month. We were supposed to have a get-together with our NICU friends but half the kids and parents were sick so we had to postpone it until everyone’s healthier. Other than that: shopping, wrapping, cooking and drinking lots of OJ. Now looking forward to spending some time with family and hoping to relax a bit.


by Kayte

We’ve been brushing Max & Lola’s teeth/gums since they were about 6 months old. We started with soft silicone brushes, but now they’ve graduated to the electric model.

I’m not sure how I missed this the other day but Max cut another tooth on the bottom-left in front. He now has 10! Almost as many as Lola, but not as fully developed yet.

20131214-140754.jpg 20131214-140801.jpg


by Kayte

I walked out of the kitchen after washing the lunch dishes to find this. It’s definitely not where I left any of these three things…

20131214-080847.jpg Two mobile toddlers is going to be interesting!

Our PT was pleasantly amazed during Lola’s session today. She said it was a completely different baby than she saw on Monday. Even though our PT has helped countless kids through these kinds of challenges, she says it never ceases to amaze her when the switch finally flips. Must be a pretty rewarding job to get that kind of fulfillment out of every case.

Cruising & Crawling

by Kayte

Lola made breakthroughs right before our very eyes today. Can’t wait for PT tomorrow. Girl is ready to take on the world!

2nd Molar

by Kayte

Top-left for a total of 9!



by Kayte

Today was our last day at the therapy clinic. I’m dropping our extra PT, transferring our OT services to in-home and hoping to re-work our schedule so we have at least ONE free day per week to hang out with friends or do something FUN. While five days of therapy a week has been great for Lola’s development, it has left us house-bound and burnt out. A little balance will be healthy for all of us.

The clinic was a neat environment, but now we’ll have free time to get out and experience lots of different new things. I’m also excited to have a single, dedicated therapist for OT. At the clinic we’ve bounced around between at least (4) different OTs and (2) different PTs over the last year.

It feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. And we already have a NICU playdate scheduled for next week. Yay!

Oh Christmas Tree

by Kayte






Wellness Visit

by Kayte

Max & Lola had their 3-month checkup at the pediatrician today. It was one of the most pleasant visits we’ve ever had. I didn’t really have any questions, and the doctor didn’t really have any concerns. With Lola’s most recent MRI on the books we were all pretty relaxed.


Lola weighed in at 16lb 13oz and measured 29″ tall. I don’t think that was great growth since our last visit, but the Dr. didn’t say anything and I didn’t ask. Maybe he just figured the specialists are in charge of it now.

At 23lb 1oz and 31″ tall Max doesn’t even need to be adjusted on his growth chart – he’s 15th percentile for an actual 19-month-old! The doc wanted to watch Max walk, and Max had a blast running around the office in his diaper and socks. That kid just loves exploring.

The results from all Max’s stool samples have come back negative. Things in poopville are improved, but not completely better. The doctor said it could be a food intolerance in which case I could keep a food diary. He also said it could be teething (Max has been extra drooly lately) so I might hold out for the next round of teeth before we try anything else. In the meantime we’re going to try a different kind of probiotic (yeast) in case it is still stomach bug related.

All-in-all this has been a very positive week! It gives us an extra boost of confidence heading into the holiday season. We’ll just be able to sit back and enjoy!

Diaper Drawer

by Kayte

Look at all the pretty colors!


Standing Tall

by Kayte

Little Miss is so proud to be standing with her big brother!


by Kayte

Lola had her follow up MRI and the results show that everything looks great! The cyst is still gone, the ventricles are still shrinking, the shunt it still working. This is our second good report post-surgery: a mom could get used to this!

{Bottom Right 7/2 Pre-op} -- {Bottom Left 9/4 Post-op} -- {Top Left 12/2 Post-op}

It’s such a big weight off our shoulders. The symptoms of shunt malfunction aren’t very definitive – fussiness, lethargy, vomiting; symptoms than can be caused by any myriad of less serious illnesses. A weird part of me was excited to get another MRI – the part that worries every time Lola is extra fussy or throws up at a meal. Now I can stop analyzing every little thing she does because we have an answer!

The long-term plan is another office visit in 6 months, another MRI in 1 year, and as long as she is progressing well we’ll alternate yearly between office visits and MRIs.

Bye Bye Bah

by Kayte

Max & Lola visited their cousin Booker today and said goodbye to Nana Bah Bah. She’s been in town these past few weeks and has been a big help with the babies!

Lola and Nana Bah made some soup. Yum!


Max & Booker built a fort.


Lola and Booker needed some rest after all that play!