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We finally had Lola’s long-awaited appointment with the endocrinologist today. He read through her history, did a physical examination, and ordered some bloodwork. Similar to the GI he wasn’t overly concerned with her case, but overall he does think she should be bigger than she is.

The bloodwork will tell us more about her hormone production, which can be adversely affected by hydrocephalus. The results will let us know whether we’re on the right track with hormone therapy, or if Lola would be in better hands with the GI or a nutritionist. We’ve been told this doctor is pretty conservative so we’re confident that he won’t prescribe something she doesn’t need.

The appointment was at CHLA and I was on hyper germ alert after reading about how bad the flu is right now. The article said flu cases at CHLA doubled as of Friday, and here we were walking into it on Monday. The parking garage was so full they had attendants stack parking cars. I tried to get Max & Lola to wear masks but that lasted all of about two seconds. Hopefully we got out of there unscathed.


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Max took a hard spill on the pavement out back and broke his fall with his knuckles. Ouch. We realized we didn’t have any kid-sized bandages which prompted a run to the store. In stark contrast, I threw out a bunch of (expired) nebulizer meds this weekend. That’s not to say we won’t ever need them again (knock on wood) but our medicine cabinet is starting to look much more normal these days. Less hard-core prescription and more fun-design first aid.



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Our PT is a gymnastics judge and she’s part of a great gym that allows her to use their facilities for her patients. Last week she finally declared Max (and sort of Lola) ready for therapy at the gym!

The facility is a kids’ dream. They have all sorts of cool things – padded floors, trampolines, marshmallow pits, ropes, rings, hanging bars, swings, balance beams and more. Max loved it. He ran around with a huge grin, taking everything in stride.

Lola…not so much. She cried on the trampoline. She cried on the rope. She cried on the rings. If you really want to see Lola pitch a fit, try rolling her down a ramp. Geez. It was a lot of stimulation for a little person. But all the more reason that it is so important for her. She didn’t mind the marshmallow pit so…baby steps!


20140125-213704.jpg 20140125-213710.jpg


20140125-214028.jpg 20140125-214036.jpg


20140125-214057.jpg 20140125-214104.jpg

Max & Lola were exhausted after their big gym excursion. They fell asleep in the car on the way home AND took their usual afternoon nap. Looking forward to more Friday fun at the gym in the weeks to come.


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Tuesday is our one therapy-free day each week so I make sure we get out of the house and do something fun. Today we had lunch with a friend. The restaurant only had one high chair so I gave it to Lola and Max sat in a booster seat the entire time! He sat still for well over an hour with very little intervention. My big boy!

Lazy Sunday

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We spent a nice lazy day at home today. Our pediatrician mentioned that the flu is running rampant right now, so we’ve been laying low and avoiding public places. We went for a nice long walk, half of which Max actually walked. We played in the backyard on Max & Lola’s new swingset. And of course we watched some Sunday playoff football!


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No, not like a dog – teeth! Lola is finally bridging the gap between her molars and front teeth. So far just the top two canines have cut through, but from the red, swollen look of her gums the bottom two aren’t far behind.


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Max has been working hard at his utensil skills. We started with me pre-loading the fork and him navigating it to his mouth. Today was the first time I saw him stab a piece of food by himself! It’s been a useful trick for getting him to try foods he otherwise won’t – he’s so excited to use the fork he’ll eat anything off of it!

Lola is still pretty intent on throwing her utensils on the floor and making a huge mess, but we’re working on it. But as you can hear at the very end of the video her talking is coming right along!

NICU Holiday Party

by Kayte

On Tuesday we had a long-overdue playdate with our friends from the NICU. We had originally planned it as a holiday party in December, but everyone got sick that week so we had to postpone until after the holidays. Since our last get-together there have been two new additions to the crew – another set of twins! We had seven kids under the age of two and three moms. What part of that I thought was going to be fun and relaxing I am not sure… We barely had a free minute to chat between all the kids needing something at any given moment. It sure was easier when they were all babies!


The most sane moment came when we all sat down to have lunch. Highchairs = Containment & Food = Distraction! Max & Sophie had fun feeding each other, until a finger got chomped – ouch!

20140118-205836.jpg 20140118-205843.jpg

Max was quite the ladies’ man. He and Bea bonded on the rocking ponies.


Like I said, things were pretty crazy. I didn’t manage to get a picture of Jacob or the new baby twins. Sorry guys! My real camera didn’t even make it out of the bag – these are all phone photos :/ Welcome to toddlerhood!


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Max’s fourth molar cut through. He and Lola are now tied at 12 teeth a piece. It’s interesting that they both have the exact same “layout” – 4 top front, 4 bottom front & 4 molars – supposedly there is absolutely no set order for teeth to appear. Maybe it’s a twin thing.

20140111-223857.jpg 20140111-223903.jpg

Role Reversal

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Back in August Max was doing the pushing. Now Lola’s the one in charge.

Orange Smiles

by Kayte

The oranges on our tree are ripe, plentiful and delicious. We’ve been enjoying them almost daily. Max & Lola still have a hard time with the tough membrane, but they love sucking out the juice!




Molar Alert

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Max opened his mouth real wide today and I saw a big molar that is already halfway through. No wonder he’s been cranky lately – I guess he’s been teething.

20140109-205814.jpg 20140109-211200.jpg

Couch Potatoes

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Lola is pulling herself up to stand with the couch and Max has learned how to climb up onto the couch. Sudlow is running out of places to hide.


Eye Doc

by Kayte

Max & Lola had their six-month eye exam today. Everything went well, other than the fact that the doctor was running SO far behind that we were there for three hours. The babies are so mobile these days they are NOT content to sit around in a waiting room like they used to. Good thing our doctor visits are getting less frequent.

Max is still a little farsighted which should improve as he gets older. We only have to worry if he starts going severely cross eyed. They don’t need to see him again for a year.

Lola’s eyes were also good. She has a little variation in her optic nerves which is common for hydrocephalus babies (because of pressure buildup) but everything is within the normal range and her eyesight is good. They’re going to continue seeing her every six months due to her more complicated history.

No glasses yet!



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Today was Brody’s last day of Christmas vacation. It’s been great having our little family together these past two weeks, but tomorrow it’s back to the grind for all of us. Today we took it easy and enjoyed the sunshine.

20140107-222848.jpg 20140107-222857.jpg


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Brody got the kids a swingset for Christmas! We built it while my parents were here. The “one-hour” kit took a few days to complete, but it was well worth the effort. The look on Max & Lola’s faces while they’re swinging is pure joy.







Happy 2014!

by Kayte

The babies got to stay up “late” to watch the ball drop in New York at 9pm. I don’t think they appreciated it much, though Lola did start clapping. Happy New Year everyone!