by Kayte

We took the babies in to apply for their very first passports. No trips planned, but passports are good to have just in case, and can be used as another form of ID if we ever need it. The passport office was packed – we waited at least an hour and they told us it was a slow day! Lots of people going places.

We had to take about a hundred shots to get two somewhat decent photos that met all the requirements. Thank goodness for digital! Lola started crying when we put her in the chair so hers is all splotchy. Babies’ first mugshots.

Today the post office, tomorrow the world!


by Kayte



Farmers Market

by Kayte

We made a refreshing change to our normal routine and went to the farmers market this morning. We had crepes & burritos for breakfast, did a little shopping, then headed to the kid zone for the petting zoo & a pony ride. Brody’s been wanting to get Lola on a horse ever since I denied her the experience last October. She was a little unsure at first, but was enjoying it by the end. Max barely noticed the petting zoo because he was so busy pointing at the ponies – I guess he had fond memories of his first time! It was a great morning and the babies were wiped out for their 9am nap.



20140224-214831.jpg 20140224-214839.jpg

Griffith Park

by Kayte

Saturday my BFF Michelle and her hubby Alex were here for an overnight layover. Time was short but we made the most of our less-than 24 hours together. We piled everyone into the minivan and headed to Griffith Park for a picnic.

We went to the same location as our Shakespeare outing. It’s not as crowded as some other areas of the park, and a little more secluded. This time we had a chance to check out our surroundings. Max really liked playing in the old zoo bear caves.

It was the perfect afternoon spent outdoors in perfect California weather – especially for our visitors coming from below-freezing temps and feet of snow on the ground!




Eye Teeth

by Kayte

Lola’s second set of canines (aka eye teeth) cut through for a total of 16 teeth! She’s only missing her “two-year” molars – the last four molars in the way back of her mouth – and then she’ll have the full kid-set of 20.

20140221-202617.jpg 20140221-202622.jpg

Throwback Thursday

by Kayte


Mommy - 1986

Max - 2014

Hands are for Hugging

by Kayte

We spent a fun afternoon with our friends Beeta & Ryan. The three kids did a great job playing with each other, and the mommies had some time to chat. I’m really loving our playdate Tuesdays – getting out of the house is a much-needed break for all of us.



They’ve all grown up a lot since last May!


by Kayte

Look what we found on our hike today! We weren’t very high up, and it was 75* outside, so someone must have brought it in for a photo shoot or something. We walked around a bend and entire hillside was covered in it. This is the first time Max & Lola have ever experienced snow. Pretty “cool”. 😉

20140216-203317.jpg 20140216-203325.jpg 20140216-203333.jpg

PT at the Gym

by Kayte

They say “third time’s a charm” and apparently that holds true for Lola’s tolerance of PT at the gym. We went again yesterday and she did great! Lola did all the same exercises as before (plus some) with no tears! She even took a couple baby steps with no support (but I don’t think she noticed or she would’ve freaked out). Maybe now she’ll be able to put all her energy into making progress instead of complaining.


by Kayte

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thanks for the chocolates grandma 🙂

And thank you to whoever sent the book & stuffed animal via Amazon! So sweet, but it didn’t come with a gift note so we don’t know who sent it.

Brussels Sprouts Ice Cream

by Kayte

I haven’t used my baby cookbooks in awhile, but I’ve always wanted to try this recipe. I finally had all the ingredients (and some time) on hand so today was the day. I thought it turned out pretty good. Kind of a savory ice cream, not too sweet with just a hint of the Brussels sprouts, apple, apricot and cinnamon. My mom said I was mean for sneaking vegetables into ice cream 🙂

20140213-205536.jpg 20140213-205545.jpg


20140213-205633.jpg 20140213-205609.jpg

Monthly Synagis

by Kayte

Max & Lola went in for their monthly Synagis shots today. The doc always checks their weight so he can calculate the correct dosage. Max was 23lb 6oz and Lola was 17lb 6oz. They’ve been at that 6-pound difference for awhile now. We’re still waiting for the results from the endocrinologist so we didn’t get into a discussion about weight.

I had to duck out of the appointment early and left Brody in charge. Later when I asked him how everything went he answered “TERRIBLE!” Apparently Max cried so hard after his shot he threw up all over Brody and the stroller. Then Lola cried so hard after her shot she threw up all over Brody a second time! Poor Brody walked out of that appointment covered in vomit. Yuck!

Punkin’ Wagon

by Kayte

We enjoyed a change of scenery today by spending the day in the front yard instead of the back. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day. We brought Lola’s walker outside and she had a blast cruising up and down the sidewalk. Max made a beeline for the wagon in the garage and took his sister for a ride!

20140210-215525.jpg 20140210-214952.jpg

Back to the Gym

by Kayte

Max & Lola went back to the gym for their physical therapy session today. Lola did a lot better than last time; there were still a lot of tears, but she managed a few smiles too!

Katrina & Jacob

by Kayte

Staying true to our no-therapy Tuesdays, today we had a playdate with Katrina and Jacob. All thee kids did a great job playing with each other. They shared toys indoors, ate lunch together, and ran around in the back yard. It was a great afternoon.

Super Sunday

by Kayte

We had a small Super Bowl gathering with our friends, Keri & Emelia, and family, David & Booker. Between cooking cheesy football food and wrangling all the kids, I barley saw a second of the game (or commercials). It was fun watching the different-aged kids (1-1/2, 2-1/2 & 5) play together. Max & Lola were so exhausted after their big party that they passed out in bed without a peep. And now I think I’ll join them.