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The latest step in trying to civilize our little rugrats is getting them to use plates. Well, not so much use as to NOT throw their entire meal onto the floor in one go. I’d been avoiding plates for that very reason, until a friend told me her son actually made less of a mess when he ate off a plate (vs. high chair tray). I thought it was worth a try.

Max seems ready for it. He is much more focused when eating off his plate and much less messy. We just have to keep a close eye so he doesn’t put too much food in his mouth at once. Lola is working on it. When she wants to eat she does a good job, but when she’s done I have to move quick to catch her plate before it hits the floor.


Now if we can just pair plate skills with utensil skills we’ll be in business!

Bubble Swing

by Kayte

Big Girl Car Seat

by Kayte

At our last wellness visit Lola was measured at 30.25″ tall. That quarter inch just exceeds the limit on her infant car seat, so we had to upgrade her to the convertible model.


We haven’t loved the Chicco seat we bought for Max, so we gave that one to Lola and got a Britax this time around. It seems a better fit for him. I know it’s far off but I can’t wait to be done with all this car seat business. Shopping for, installing and lugging them around is a pain in the butt.


by Kayte

Today we went to the GI to discuss Lola’s gagging issues. At almost every meal she sticks her finger down her throat and gags herself, sometimes to the point of throwing up. She started this months ago (maybe last fall?) and, thinking it was behavioral, we tried our best to ignore and discourage it. The behavior had gotten worse over the last month. Sometimes it really seems as if there is something in Lola’s throat bothering her, and sometimes if she does throw up she seems to feel better.

Reflux (especially baby/child reflux) is a super complex, sometimes invisible, condition that can cause all myriad of problems such as fussiness, low weight gain, vomiting, eating issues, ear-nose-throat complications, etc. Preemies especially are at risk for reflux (2/3 of our NICU friends have it), but Lola never had any of the obvious symptoms so we never put her on reflux medication. But with this gagging behavior getting worse, the GI suggest we try reflux meds for a few weeks to see if that made a difference.

The medication is the same as OTC Prevacid, but obviously Lola can’t swallow a pill yet, and she only needs half an adult dose. We got a prescription for these capsules that have little acid-blocking beads inside. The capsule pulls apart and we divide the beads into two doses, sprinkle them on a spoonful of yogurt, and Lola eats it easily. So far so good. We’ll see if it makes a difference.

Little Parrots

by Kayte

Max and Lola’s language has been exploding in the last few weeks. They’re currently in the “parrot” stage where they repeat words like mad. They’re also starting to put together two-word sentences, such as “Water, please.” They learn something new every day and it’s been so much fun communicating with them. This is a compilation of some of their more understandable words:

It took a long time to get the above clips (Max & Lola get so distracted whenever the camera appears), but they have a lot more words than what I was able to capture…

Mommy, Daddy, Max, Lola, Sudlow, baby, mine, please, thank you, water, orange, nom nom nom, more, all done, yes, no, hi, bye bye, up, down, this, that, uh-oh, peek-a-boo, I love you, swing, bubbles, bath, book, ball, boat, row row row, tent, hose, rain, walk, nose, ear, turtle, dog, kitty, woof woof, meow, moo, quack quack, ooh ooh aah aah, baa and a great elephant toot. (What does the fox say?)

There are probably more, but the list grows daily so it’s hard to keep track. A lot of the words are still understandable by only Mommy & Daddy, but we’ve loving it.

23 Months

by Kayte

It’s hard to believe that Max and Lola will be TWO next month. I think after “24 months” we can finally stop counting the months and start counting in approximate years and half-years.

Sick Day

by Kayte

Poor little Maxie woke up this morning with a fever and an upset tummy. He was pretty much miserable all day. He threw up his breakfast, had zero appetite and was SUPER cuddly. I felt guilty enjoying the cuddles so much, but neither Max or Lola are very cuddly these days so it sure was nice for a change. Tuesdays are supposed to be our therapy-free fun days but instead we just laid low around the house.


Little Leprechauns

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Magnitude 4.4

by Kayte

Babies’ first earthquake! Jolted us out of bed early this morning, although the babies and dog managed to sleep through it 🙂 The shaking was fairly mild – everyone and everything OK.

Last Synagis

by Kayte

Max and Lola got their last Synagis shots for the season. For Max, it’s probably his last ever. I think most kids get them only for the first year, so it’s great that our pediatrician managed to get two years. If Lola is still so small next year she may qualify again.

We also had our wellness checkup while we were there. Everything checked out great. We’re supposed to take them to the dentist soon and start giving them vitamin D.

Max gained over a pound since our last visit He’s now 24lb 9oz which puts him in the 10-15% percentile unadjusted – that means he’s “caught up” to where he should be for a regular almost-two-year old. Lola only gained a few ounces at 17lb 9oz – she’s still not on the chart adjusted or unadjusted.


by Kayte

We recently bought Max & Lola some sunglasses to help protect their eyes from the intense California sun. We figured we (the adults) need them, why not the kids? Max liked his right away. Lola took a little convincing. But after just a few days they both kept their glasses on for our entire walk around the block.



The Ranch

by Kayte

Saturday we took Max & Lola to a friend’s ranch for the afternoon. We got to see ducks, turtles, a pig, goats, ponies, horses, dogs, and chickens. Max & Lola had a great time exploring the grounds and playing with our host kids’ toys.

We had our hands full chasing two kids around a cactus-strewn 11 acres so the only real photo we were able to get was of Max & Teacup.

Travel Town

by Kayte

We had another free day today so we took the kids to Travel Town. It’s an outdoor museum in Griffith Park with real trains and all sorts of train paraphernalia. We got to walk on tracks, explore the train cars and ride a train around the grounds. It’s such a sweet, peaceful place – perfect for an afternoon outing.

Daddy at the Zoo

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