Orthopedic Surgeon

by Kayte

Lola had her orthopedic evaluation today. We didn’t think there was anything wrong, but since she is so delayed in walking we just wanted to rule out any physical impediment. The doctor performed a physical evaluation and took some x-rays of Lola’s hips. Everything checked out great – strength, flexibility, muscle tone, hip sockets, etc. So it looks like we’re back to a battle of the wills.


Pool Days

by Kayte

The weather has been hot, and the water is warm. Max and Lola sure love their pool.


Slo-Mo Swinging

by Kayte

Birthday Bash

by Kayte

We had a little get-together this weekend for my 30th birthday. Lots of friends and family came to celebrate, including a lot of kids. Lola jumped right in to the chaos. Max was a little shy at first, but once he got comfortable I barely saw him the entire party.



Nana Bah is in town and we let her practice being in charge of all three cousins at once – she told us she needs more arms 🙂



Retina Specialist

by Kayte

Lola had a follow up appointment with the retina specialist who performed her laser eye surgery. They want to see her every couple years to make sure the blood vessels aren’t expanding past the laser point. I had Park City flashbacks wrangling two toddlers in the waiting room for over an hour for what ended up being a two-minute visit with the doctor. But the good news is Lola’s eyes look great and we don’t have to go back for another couple years.


by Kayte

Max and Lola had their first checkup and cleaning at the dentist today. They were introduced to all the tools, had their teeth counted, cleaned and treated with fluoride. I was surprised how well they handled the toothbrush/buffer and the water squirt/suction. Those are all some pretty weird, new sensations, but Max and Lola took it all in stride. They both got A+ report cards – no cavities and everything looks great. We’re supposed to keep brushing twice a day and come back in six months for their next checkup.



Weight Check

by Kayte

We took Lola in for a weight check today so we could give an update to the GI. She gained almost a half-pound since our last weight check a little over a month ago. She’s now just shy of nineteen pounds at 18lb 15oz, which is a decent gain for that time period. The GI said to continue with the reflux meds and check back with him in two months.

Max must be growing in spurts. He only gained an ounce in the same amount of time at 25lb 13oz.

Honey Bunches

by Kayte

Baked Ziti

by Kayte


by Kayte

Our regular PT has been on vacation for the last three weeks. She was nice enough to arrange a substitute PT for Lola while she was away. They don’t usually do that, but because Lola seemed on the verge of a breakthrough we didn’t want to lose momentum.

The sub is great, but we haven’t made much progress. There’s obviously a getting-to-know-you period, but aside from that, Lola has been unwilling to even try to walk by herself. She’s also been more wobbly and inclined to lose her balance, so we wondered if she was regressing a bit in one of those two-steps-forward-one-step-back phases.

Well our regular PT was back today and as I was explaining how the last few weeks have gone, Lola stood up from the PT’s knee and walked across the room to me. Totally unassisted. I think the two of them have an understanding, or at least equally strong wills 🙂 Lola continued to do this for about an hour with a huge smile on her face. She even lost her balance a couple times, went down into a squat, then stood back up and finished the jaunt. Man has she been pulling one over on us.

The bad news is our regular PT leaves again for another two weeks. In the meantime we’ll continue with the sub PT and hope this momentum continues.

Day 3: SLC > LAX

by Kayte

We woke up exhausted after another poor night’s sleep with two toddlers taking up most of our bed. At one point they were both sleeping horizontal across the bed making an “H” shape with Brody and I pushed to the outer edges. We said our goodbyes to everyone at the brunch, and Max & Lola took a nice nap in the car on our way to the airport. I think that saved our butts because they were super well-behaved on the plane again. The trip back was uneventful. We got home, ordered pizza for dinner and everyone went to bed early. There’s no place like home!

Day 2: Bat Mitzvah

by Kayte

We didn’t get to do as much as we wanted in Park City while lugging two toddlers around. We managed to get out for a nice breakfast and a walk in town. Brody was a champ pushing that heavy stroller up hill (both ways!) Max & Lola would not fall asleep in the travel cribs, so their afternoon nap was a bust which kind of derailed the evening. In retrospect we probably shouldn’t have taken Max & Lola to the bat mitzvah ceremony (since even a happier toddler is still petty noisy) so I spent the entire time outside trying to distract them. They managed to last for a little while at the dinner afterward, but we left early and collapsed into bed. It was a long day.

Day 1: Park City

by Kayte

This weekend we traveled to Park City for Brody’s goddaughter’s bat mitzvah. Interestingly, it had been almost exactly a year since Max & Lola’s first flight. Packing this year was a little easier – less specialized stuff and more like packing for two extra [little] people.

Max & Lola were traveling champs. The flight was only 1-1/2 hours which made things easier, but they were really well-behaved the entire time. Unfortunately vomit was still an issue. Somehow Lola managed to throw up in the stroller before we even got to our gate. Costume change #1. Later in the hotel Max threw up all over me and himself (but luckily missed the bed). Costume changes #2 and #3. Thank goodness our hotel room had a washer/dryer!

Other highlights: Max & Lola loved watching the airplanes in the airport. Convertible car seats are crazy heavy. Max & Lola had a blast socializing at the “rehearsal” dinner. And we were afraid to let them cry it out after our security run-in last year so they ended up in our bed and no one got a good night’s rest.


by Kayte

It may not be apparent from the pictures, but Max is actually quite good at scooping and navigating the spoon. He sure loves his oatmeal.

Teeter Totter

by Kayte

Another park, another see saw. This park is great because it has a toddler-sized play structure where the drops are more in the 1-2ft range rather than the 6ft range. Max was able to navigate things on his own, and Lola is happy as long as she has a hand to help her walk.

Family Get Together

by Kayte

Grambo & Papa came to town for a visit with the grand babies. We all got together at Cousin Booker’s for dinner and playtime. Lola was happy for all the extra hands to help her walk, and Max followed Booker around like the cool older cousin he is.

Gratuitous Cuteness

by Kayte

I can’t get enough of the pig tails.

Neuro Follow-Up

by Kayte

Today was our 6-month follow-up since Lola’s last MRI. It was just an office visit so we weren’t expecting any surprises, and everything checked out great. The most important quantitative factor is that Lola’s head circumference has been stable at 48cm. Qualitatively, she is developing, growing and meeting milestones (though at her own pace). The long-term plan is to do another MRI in one year and take it from there.


A round of applause!


by Kayte


by Kayte

I noticed (again) on the “Year Ago Today” widget that at this time last year our feeding/eating relationship with Lola had become so strained that we took a two-day food hiatus. This is in sharp contrast to the past few days – just today Brody and I commented on how well Lola has been eating. Yesterday, no joke, she ate more than Max at our picnic lunch. And it seems at every meals she’s asking for more “bite, bite, bite.” I know these things can change like the wind, but it seems at least this year we’re blowing in the right direction.