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by Kayte

I finally broke down and bought Max & Lola some brand-name Play-Doh. The homemade stuff was great in theory, but it only lasted for a couple weeks (in the fridge) before it got messy and tough (or moldy). Now we have some on-hand for all occasions. The kids played with it for an hour and a half during child development therapy today. That’s the most focused I think I’ve ever seen them on one task.

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Classroom Visit

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We had our second preschool classroom visit today and this one went MUCH better than last week. The teachers acknowledged us when we walked in, they were engaged with the students, the kids were playing & learning, and they included Max & Lola in circle time. Overall a much more nurturing vibe. 

Since we are so close to the end of the year with April birthdays the preschool classroom is full for now. We will start with a program called  ILEAP which is a mommy-and-me thing 2 days a week for 2 hours. We’ll have access to all of Lola’s therapy services as well. Then next fall (August) Max & Lola will start full preschool which is 4 days a week for 3 hours. Overall it will be a much gentler transition than the 5 day/wk 4hr/dy program they offered at the other school.

Feeling much more optimistic about Max & Lola’s educational future today! 

Dino Party

by Kayte

We had a very busy Sunday. After our morning bike ride, Max went to a dinosaur-themed five-year-old birthday party. Lola was feeling pretty sick, so she stayed home with her dad and enjoyed a four-hour nap instead.

Max had s blast at the party. There was Dino-themed food, an art activity, fossil excavation, face painting, and cake!

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But Max’s favorite thing by far was the jumpy house. He was in and out of that thing the entire time, getting rocked by a bunch of 5-year-olds, and loving every minute of it.


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We enjoyed some car-free streets today courtesy of CicLAvia, an event that opens up the roads to cyclists and pedestrians. We carpooled with some neighbors and rode our bikes along the entire six-mile route and back home. The kids happily rode in the bike trailer, taking in all the sights. It was great to see the ciity from a different perspective while getting some exercise. 


Aunt & Uncle

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by Kayte

We had our IEP meeting at the school today where we went over the results of Max & Lola’s evaluations. They both qualified for services under a developmental delay eligibility, which will last until they are 5 years old (kindergarten). Max was slightly below average in a couple areas, so he’s getting just preschool without any additional therapy. Lola will get preschool plus OT, speech, PT, and phys-ed (PE). Now we just have to find a program that we like. We visited a classroom yesterday that did not feel like the right fit. We have another classroom visit scheduled on Monday that I feel more hopeful about. Fingers crossed.



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Max is slowly but surely getting those molars – his top-left is starting to poke through. Neither kid has really had major teething symptoms, but Max hasnt liked his electric toothbrush lately. Maybe things are just a bit sensitive in there.



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Griffith Park Ponies

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Friday the 13th

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7 and 1/2

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Vision Test

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Max and Lola had their six-month eye exam today. Everything still looks good. Both kids are still farsighted, which is normal. Max is a little more farsighted than Lola, but Lola has a little more variation between the two eyes. Everything is still within normal range so we’ll check back in another six months.

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Today was the first time Max & Lola participated in their eye exam. Up until now the doctor has just been measuring their prescription. But this can be different from how your brain perceives what the eyes are seeing. Today the doctor had Max & Lola read an eye chart. Instead of letters there were simplified, black & white symbols. Max did great and was able to test up to 20/80. Lola got a little fidgety halfway through and did NOT want one eye covered, so we stopped at 20/125. The doctor gave us the chart so we can practice learning the symbols for next time.


It was interesting how each kid correctly, yet uniquely, identified the symbols. Max replied “cake” while Lola said “candles.” Max identified a “hand” whereas Lola saw a “glove.” Pretty cool.

Again, the wait at this office is CRAZY. We were there for a full three hours for (2) 15-minute appointments. Ugh. Every time we’re there I say we’re going to switch doctors. But then the doctor comes in with his pediatric expertise and I wonder how many other ophthalmologists specialize in preemies…I guess we’ll stick it out for now.

The Living Desert

by Kayte

Sunday we experienced the polar opposite of our snowy day. We visited The Living Desert zoo in Palm Springs. True to its name it was a hot, sunny, dusty day. We got to do lots of unique things like feed giraffes, ride a camel, pet some goats, and get up close & personal with some parrots. As fun as the desert was, I think I preferred yesterday’s snow as a refreshing change of pace.




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Palm Springs Tram

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We took a weekend trip to the desert to see…what else? Snow! We rode the Aerial Tramway up to 8,000 feet elevation to a wintry wonderland. It had just rained in LA last week so there was lots of fresh snow for the kids to play in. They definitely liked it better than the crowded display at the museum. We threw snowballs, built a snowman, made snow angels, and took a sleigh ride. Lola spent nearly the entire time gobbling handfuls of the cold white stuff. Hope it was clean!












After our wintry adventure we rode back down to sea level and the 80* heat. We met up with one of Brody’s college buddies who was in town for the week. Then it was off to Grambo & Papa’s for dinner and an overnight visit.



Twins X3

by Kayte

We played hooky from speech therapy today and met our twin friends at our new favorite park. It was a lot more crowded than last time, which made it a little harder to keep track of everyone, but the kids had fun intermingling with all the different groups. Best of all were the long naps everyone (kids, not moms) took when we got home.




The Pileup




Six Twins



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You can never be too safe while eating dinner…


Green Eyes

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by Kayte

Max was starting to a look a little shaggy so we took both kids in for haircuts. It had been 3 months for Max, and over 6 months for Lola. I was a little gun shy after her last hack job. Thankfully the stylist did a very nice job on both kids today. She shortened Lola’s stray ends to make everything look fuller, and cleaned up Max’s shag. We left with two sharp-looking kids.

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