by Kayte

Lola’s hair has been completely unruly lately so I finally decided it was time for a hair cut. I knew she needed bangs but I had been afraid to do it after our bad experience last summer.  Luckily the woman today did a much better job and Lola’s hair turned out really cute. It’s still pretty unruly but at least it’s not in her eyes anymore.



by Kayte

“One Max laughing.
One Lola laughing.
Two kids laughing.”
– Max

Baby’s first math equation?

Cookie (dough) Monster

by Kayte

Cousin Ellie makes the best chocolate chip cookie dough!


Cousin Trio

by Kayte

 We spent a fun afternoon at Cousin Booker’s house. Max absolutely adores his older cousin and follows him everywhere. It’s so cute to watch them go off to play together.



by Kayte

The kids got a very cool watercolor painting book for their birthday. Max was more interested in eating his. Lola did well with a little assistance. It made for a fun morning activity.

IMG_2697.JPG IMG_2698.JPG



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Between new preschool/therapy schedules and belated birthday parties, this has been a week of many missed naps. Poor Lola was so exhausted this morning she fell asleep in her high chair while I was making breakfast. Hopefully we will all settle in to our new routine soon.


Saddle Up

by Kayte

Today was our annual group birthday party with our NICU friends. This year’s theme was western, and everyone dressed the part. There were cowboy hats, bandanas, sheriff badges, chocolate “gold” nuggets, and ponies for the kids. We ate hot dogs, baked beans and chips for lunch…and of course cake for dessert.

Unfortunately our friends Katrina and Jacob weren’t able to be with us today. They were missed very much and it wasn’t the same without our whole crew.








Poor Lola was so exhausted from school and missed naps that she fell asleep in the swing before the party was even over.


by Kayte

Max and Lola started preschool today! Technically it’s not “real” preschool – it’s an after school program which means I’m there the whole time with them. But it is at a real elementary school with real teachers and Max & Lola are really enjoying it so far.

ILEAP stands for Intensive Language Education Afterschool Program. It’s run by the preschool teacher and a speech therapist. So far Max and Lola are the only two kids signed up. It kind of defeats the purpose of socialization, but the 1:1 ratio is pretty nice and I think it’s a nice transition (for all of us) from the home therapy we’ve been doing. Max & Lola will start the regular drop-off preschool classroom in the Fall.

The after school program is two times per week for 1-1/2 hours. The teacher does a mini school-day routine with free play, circle time, song/dance, small group activities and outside play. Max & Lola had a great time, and I got great vibes from everyone we met. In addition to the program we will also schedule Lola’s therapies (PT, OT, APE) throughout the week. Really looking forward to this new chapter in our lives!



by Kayte

We had the family over for brunch to celebrate Max & Lola’s third birthday. Max & Lola opened presents, jumped in the jumpy house, and ate cake! They were even able to blow out their own candles (we’ve been practicing). It was a perfectly lovely day to turn three!


I’m three!



Birthday crowns made in OT



Cheers to turning three



Happy Birthday to Max & Lola



“Nice blowing Max!”



Carrot cake with raisins & walnuts.



Now, time for some singing:


Hey Batter Batter

by Kayte

We have some of the nicest neighbors. One gentleman on our block always picks up something for the kids when he’s out. Today it was a little baseball and bat. Batter up!



GI Checkup

by Kayte

It’s been nearly six months since we visited Lola’s GI so we were due for a checkup. He was very happy with the growth she’s made since starting the growth hormone. Since Lola is growing well and not throwing up as much (or, at all) we decided it’s time to try weaning her from the reflux meds. We’re going to halve her current dose for 3 weeks, then stop completely and monitor for another 1-2 weeks. If she doesn’t seem fussy and doesn’t start throwing up we’ll be in the clear! Then after we successfully wean the reflux meds, he wants us to try to wean the Miralax she uses daily for constipation. It would be great to finish with all of these meds AND be done with another specialist. Fingers crossed that she’s grown out of these two issues.

Wellness Visit

by Kayte

Max and Lola had their three-year wellness visit at the pediatrician today. It’s crazy to think back to the days when we visited the doctor every other week. Now their scheduled visits are only once per year. We had a pretty fun time. Not too many concerns – just some minor toddler transition questions (forward-facing carseats, bite-sized food, etc). The doctor made balloon Humpty Dumptys for Max & Lola and let them play with stethoscopes and tape measures. They each got one vaccine shot and neither of them even cried. They really are getting to be big kids!

IMG_2615.JPG   IMG_2616.JPG
32 pounds | 36 inches
Size 3T

22 pounds | 34 inches
Size 2T


by Kayte

Grandma taught Lola a new word during an especially pungent diaper change last week.

Jumpy House

by Kayte

Max and Lola got an early birthday present from their dad today – their very own jumpy house! Brody has been working like crazy lately and won’t be around for Max & Lola’s birthday, so he wanted to give them their present on a day when he could enjoy it with them. Max of course loved bouncing around like a pumpkin. Lola talks a big talk when it comes to the jumpy house, but she’s still pretty timid when push comes to bounce. Either way it will be great for both of them.





by Kayte

On Friday we took my parents to Noah’s Ark at the Skirball. My dad had seen it last October when he came for a visit, but it was a new experience for my mom. We were amazed at how Max had progressed in six months. Last time he tentatively climbed the gangway and gingerly walked around the structure: this time we couldn’t even keep up with him! Max walked the gangway by himself and climbed up and down the rope ladders. It was great. Lola tried her hand at climbing too, but she still needs quite a bit of assist. Her favorite activity was collecting strawberries and cooking “hot coffee” in the galley.




IMG_2603.JPG IMG_2602.JPG






Point Dume

by Kayte

My parents wanted to see the ocean while in California so we took a drive to Malibu. It was a beautiful, sunny day that started out cool but really heated up later in the morning. We showed up in long-sleeves intending to just play in the sand, but the kids had different (wetter) ideas. I guess they had fond memories of splashing in the waves last summer. It was a perfect, refreshing day.









Growth Chart

by Kayte

Lola had her 3-month checkup at the endocrinologist today and she is finally on the growth chart! For height at least, if not weight. Since our last visit she has grown another inch and gained a little over half a pound. That puts her in the 3rd percentile for height (still at 0% for weight). The doctor said it is normal for the height to increase faster than weight – all those calories are being used for growing, not gaining. Hopefully once Lola’s height has “caught up” she will start packing on the ounces. She has been looking SO darn skinny to me lately, I guess because she’s getting stretched out vertically. She’s grown into 2T sizes length-wise, but her pants barely stay up around her waist. If it weren’t for those bulky cloth diapers nothing would fit. Not sure what we’ll do when she’s potty trained!

IMG_2580.JPG IMG_2581.JPG
Weight: 21lb 13oz
Height: 34 inches

Franklin Reservoir

by Kayte

On Monday we went for a hike around the Franklin Reservoir. There was a show filming which made parking tough, and they stopped us on the trail so we didn’t interrupt a take, but we still had a nice time. We visited the turtles at the duck pond and hiked all the way around the lake. Max even walked for most of it, just requiring a hand when the path got too uneven. Lola fell down a bunch even with constant hand-holding. Practice makes perfect.




Easter Eggs

by Kayte

My parents are in town for the week and we started off their trip with a lovely Easter Sunday. We hunted for eggs, played bunny ear ring toss and dyed eggs. As soon as Max figured out there was chocolate in the eggs he had to stop after each one to eat it. Lola, on the other hand, was a collecting machine. She had more eggs than she could carry in her basket.

IMG_2555.JPG IMG_2557.JPG IMG_2556.JPG






by Kayte

Max & Lola had a messy day at playgroup today. First there was the swimming pool, so we stripped down to diapers. Then there was the back-and-forth from swimming pool to sandbox, like breading a chicken breast. Then there was the painting station where Max & Lola painted each other along with the paper. And finally there was the container of bubbles that Lola poured out all over the place. At least they were pre-soaped for the immediate bath that followed when we got home.