by Kayte

At least they stayed in their room until the clock turned on?



by Kayte

Some days I just have to stop and take a picture. Or three.

IMG_8799.JPG IMG_8800.JPG IMG_8801.JPG

Birthday Bike

by Kayte

I got a new bike for my birthday so we could take the kids for longer rides. Brody even installed a trailer hitch so I can pull the kids too. Pedaling sure was a lot harder with an extra 50+ pounds behind me. We rode the bike path all the way to Balboa Park and let the kids play at the playground for a bit before heading back home. It was a fun family adventure.







Ojai Overnight

by Kayte

Brody and I celebrated our 5-year anniversary this weekend with a stay at the Ojai Valley Inn – with NO KIDS! They were back home in the good care of my parents who had come in specially for this occasion. (Thank You!) It was the first time we’d ever left the kids overnight, and I think it was a good experience for all of us. Lola couldn’t have cared less that we were gone, although Max bordered on meltdown a few times. Meanwhile Brody and I did manage to relax and enjoy ourselves; dinner was especially nice not wrangling two wiggly toddlers. However it was Father’s Day weekend and the resort is very kid-friendly so we saw LOTS of other happy families there which made us miss our own kids a lot. We just kept thinking how much fun Max & Lola would have had if they were there with us, and the trip mostly made us want to travel more as a family.



Marine Layer

by Kayte

My parents got in town yesterday for a quick five-day visit. It has been hot (90s) and sunny here at our house this last week, so we thought it would be a perfect day to go to the beach. Boy were we mistaken. We watched the temperature plummet 20 degrees as we drove toward the cloud-covered coast. Even though it wasn’t the sunny beach day we had anticipated, we could still feel the sun beating down on us through the clouds. And of course nothing could keep Max & Lola from splashing in the waves!



IMG_2860.JPG IMG_2859.JPG



Pizza Chefs

by Kayte

I made Max and Lola make their own dinner tonight. No more freeloading!







by Kayte

Max has had a phlegmy-sounding cough for about a week now so we took him to the doctor today. It’s a weird cough because it’s very intermittent throughout the day and he doesn’t have any other symptoms, but since it hasn’t been improving we thought it best to get things checked out. It’s a good thing we did too because the doctor listened to his lungs and said he sounded pretty junky. They did a pulse-ox reading and he was only at 95% oxygen which is not great. After an in-office breathing treatment his O2 increased to 98%, so they sent us home with breathing treatments and antibiotics. Kinda feels like the old days.

IMG_2826.JPG IMG_2827.JPG

A Walk in the Woods

by Kayte

Max & Lola have randomly been asking to go on a hike all week so we finally went on Saturday morning. It’s cool that they’re starting to pick their own activities. It was kind of a dreary, drizzly morning, but we managed to stay pretty dry under the canopy and the fresh air smell was unbelievable. A great recharge to start the weekend.








Full Mouth

by Kayte

Max finally has all his teeth! His last molar finally started poking through the gum. Now Max & Lola get to enjoy a couple of full-mouthed years before these baby teeth start falling out.

IMG_2817.JPG IMG_2818.JPG

Chalk It Up

by Kayte

Max & Lola’s imaginations are really pushing the boundaries of my artistic talent. They love asking me to draw all sorts of things with our sidewalk chalk. Thanks to Max I’ve gotten especially good at trucks of all kinds. Max especially likes me to “animate” his drawings. For example, after I draw the fire truck with the firemen and all the equipment, THEN he wants the ladder up a house with a fireman climbing it and the other firemen spraying the house with the hose.


Fire engine with ladder and hoses. Firemen rescuing a house.

MAX’S NOTE: Do not ever, EVER try to draw the fire engine in pink, even though it is the closest chalk-color we have to red.


Cherry picker truck

MAX’S NOTE: The man driving the truck is NOT supposed to have a helmet, only the man in the bucket.


Gardener truck with lawn mower, hose, rake, brook, trimmer and bucket.

I bet you can guess what Lola asks me to draw! She is much easier to please.


I also get a lot of requests for balloons, kites and and school buses (adorned with a stop sign). After I draw the school bus they both like to go stand on it and pretend they’re getting a ride to school.

Pool Hopping

by Kayte

Today we enjoyed a visit with our friend Ric who is in town on business. It was one of the hottest days of the year so far, so we decided to take a dip in the pool. It was the first time the kids had been in the water this year, and they sure have grown a lot since last summer. By the end, Max was jumping from the side, dunking underwater, holding his breath, and coming back for more. He is SO ready for swim lessons!


Yoga Nap

by Kayte

Today I looked on the baby monitor to see Max taking his nap rolled up in a yoga mat. Not sure how long he was like that, but he sure was sweaty when he woke up.



Welcome Back

by Kayte

I once read in a blogging etiquette article that you shouldn’t apologize after a lull in posts but rather just jump right back into blogging but I am SO SORRY for the lack of updates these last two months. I’ve had so many people ask me if everything is okay or if the blog is broken – it’s really nice to know that so many people care, and that you all still enjoy reading the blog on a regular basis. Thank you.

YES everything is okay and NO the blog is not broken. In April I crazily decided to take on a third (accelerated) course so I could finish my accounting degree, and between my classes/homework and juggling the kids’ new school/therapy schedules it was all I could do to keep my head above water. Thank goodness the kids last day of school was Monday and I finished my last final yesterday, so once I catch up on everything I have been neglecting the last couple months things should get back to normal.

I do intend to keep going with the blog, and have even gone back through the last couple months and postdated everything we’ve been up to. You can either scroll down on the main page or click on the links below to see all the “new” posts. Onward!

Doctor Max

by Kayte

I love the pretend play going on in this house lately!


Max giving Lola her medicine


Ella Bella getting a checkup

I think this stethoscope is leftover from our NICU days…makes a fun prop for play time.

Reflux Wean

by Kayte

Over the last month we were successfully able to wean Lola from her reflux meds. Per the doctor’s orders we gave her a half-dose for three weeks, then stopped and monitored for another two weeks. She hasn’t experienced any ill side effects, so today the doctor declared that we are in the clear. It’s a small victory, but having just one less thing in our daily routine is really liberating. It was especially nice to not have to worry about packing and administering it on our most recent trip out of town (especially since we were dealing with liquid growth hormone which had to be carried on the plane, declared to TSA, and kept refrigerated at all time).


by Kayte

This might be one of the weirdest toddler obsessions ever, but Lola is recently infatuated with stop signs. She asks to see them when we’re driving in the car, she wants to touch them when we are out for walks, she finds every single stop sign in every single book we read (there are a lot), she wants to draw/paint stop signs whenever we do art projects, etc. etc. Her preschool teacher even found transportation-themed stickers that included a stop sign sticker AND he gave Lola her very own stop sign on the last day of school. Hey, sometimes it’s the simple things in life…






Last Day of ILEAP

by Kayte

Today was Max & Lola’s last day of their preschool after-school program. The last six weeks absolutely flew by and Max & Lola loved every minute of it. They were SO excited each day they got to go to school, and it was amazing to watch the immense progress they made in only a short time. In addition to the explosion of language, they both learned to sit still in a chair for circle time, the preschool routine, new songs, how to use an interactive SmartBoard, and so much more. Best of all they had such a positive experience and will be so excited to start the full preschool program in August.


Although there is a summer school program, their teacher advised against it since it’s focused more on retaining skills and Max & Lola are at the beginning stage of learning skills. It’s also only a 4-week program where they condense a bunch of classrooms together on a different campus, so apparently it’s pretty chaotic and wouldn’t be with the same teachers/therapists. This is the first time ever we haven’t had a schedule full of therapy appointments. It’s a pretty liberating and a little daunting, but we will make the most of it since I hear life only gets more hectic as kids get older. School’s out for summer!