Twin Time

by Kayte


Physical Me

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by Kayte


Preschool Art

by Kayte

Max and Lola have started bringing home the cutest art projects from preschool. It’s so fascinating that all of a sudden they have this little life that’s separate from us. I love hearing them talk about their artwork and seeing how excited they are to show it to us.

Lola’s OT work.



Park Play

by Kayte

We’ve all been super busy ever since school started so we wants to give Max & Lola some free playtime to just run around and be kids. They suggested a visit to the park so we spent the morning swinging, climbing, and  digging. 


The mister was working today! I thought it was intentionally shut off because of the drought, but maybe it was just broken.

Picnic Breakfast

by Kayte

Today we got out the door early, grabbed some bagels to-go, and headed over to our favorite hike at Franklin Canyon. After a nice picnic breakfast we took a stroll around the lake. It was a refreshing start to our weekend.


I’m All Done Napping

by Kayte

FOREVER. *evil laugh*

Rattlesnake Park

by Kayte

We found a new park today with a great playground, wide open spaces, and beautiful views. The only drawback was the rattlesnake warning sign(s)…I assume due to the park’s proximity to the Santa Monica Mountains. Luckily we didn’t see any snakes and we had great time playing.






by Kayte

Max’s hair finally grew out into his eyes so it was time for haircuts again. I decided to get Lola’s cut this time too. She has a lot of nice ‘kid hair’ growing in underneath but she had a lot of long baby hair up top – the kind that gets super tangled. Hopefully this cut will even things out a bit more and make her hair easier to wrangle.




Students of the Month

by Kayte

Max & Lola both earned student of the month awards at preschool…even though they’ve only been in school for two weeks! 

Max earned the Super Scholar award for “his participation during circle time” and Lola earned the Character Award for “demonstrating respect toward her peers and teachers”.