Brody’s Book

by Kayte

Sorry I know I haven’t posted much recently but sometimes there’s just nothing really going on! And after the month we had in February, sometimes boring is good.

Nana came by to hang out with the kids. She helped them author and illustrate their very own book. And now that it’s on the blog I can official declare Max & Lola published authors. With a little prompting Max & Lola told Nana what to write in their book and helped her draw the illustrations. Not bad for a debut novel.









by Kayte

We had a quiet Easter at home with an egg hunt, egg dying and lots of chocolate eggs. Nana joined us for the festivities and dinner after. Lola was especially excited about the “Hanukkah gelt” she found in her Easter basket, and Max squirreled away all the quarters he found in his (and Lola’s) Easter eggs.



img_2328.jpg img_2326.jpg







Easter Bunny

by Kayte

While picking up something from the mall today we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of a huge Easter celebration. We were too late for the egg hunt, but Max & Lola got to decorate cookies, visit the petting zoo and meet their first Easter bunny; Max wasn’t having any of it, Lola was wary.




Little Helpers

by Kayte

IMG_2218 IMG_2217

Potty Learning

by Kayte

Max has been doing great with the potty this week! He’s been in underpants since Thursday with only a couple pee pee accidents. He hasn’t quite caught on with #2 yet, but I’m hoping that will soon follow. The key to our success has been M&Ms. We were having such a hard time even getting Max ON the potty (“No it’s okay, I can go in my diaper.”) but with a little chocolate incentive he was more than willing to play ball. The first couple days he (and Lola, to be fair) peed 15+ times per day, squeezing out drops just to get an M&M. Surprisingly that phased out by day three and they both went to a more normal 4-5 pees a day. Max is still wearing diapers at night, but they’ve been less wet in the morning, and I figure we can work on that later. In the meantime I’ve been doing less laundry which is great.

Today Max independently went into the bathroom, pulled down his pants, peed in the potty, then got himself his own reward!

IMG_2200 IMG_2201

Paint Sticks

by Kayte

Aunt Julie got the kids these amazing paint sticks and we’ve been having a lot of messy fun with them. The sticks are like super vibrant crayons that you can mix and layer, but they don’t smudge or spill (although they are still plenty messy). They’re especially good for Lola who still has a hard time with traditional writing utensils. Max was obsessed with trying to fill every inch of his paper with color.

IMG_2214 IMG_2215 IMG_2216

Ferraro Fields

by Kayte

It’s Spring Break and I’m making the most of our time off with playdates and visits. Today we met up with our twin-friends for a playground picnic. Lola desperately wanted to fly her kite, and although there wasn’t much of a breeze we did manage to get it up in the air





by Kayte

Time for hair cuts! Lola just got a bang trim but we went for it with Max’s hair. Until now we’ve only really trimmed his hair, but today we cut inches off and he got a whole new short style. 

St. Patrick’s Day

by Kayte

Max & Lola had a very busy day at school today. Leprechauns visited their classroom, tipping over chairs and leaving footprints. There was an Easter egg hunt on the school yard. And the class celebrated two students’ birthdays. Now it’s Spring Break and I’m on a mission to get Max potty trained before school starts up again. Wish me luck 🙂




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by Kayte

This weekend I went to Michigan for my best friend’s wedding. All. By. Myself. It was the longest I’ve ever been away from the kids since our anniversary overnight last summer. Of course the kids were in great hands with Dad, so I was easily able to relax and enjoy an amazing weekend with old friends.



Piece of Cake

by Kayte

IMG_1889 IMG_1890 IMG_1891

Back at School

by Kayte

Lola joined her brother back at school today! She was really excited to go back, and Max was happy to have her. He had been clingy this past month when I’d try to drop him off, but today they both just walked right in. I was also surprised how sweet her classmates were. They all knew she had been out of school sick, and they were all concerned for her well-being and happy she was back. I thought it a lot of awareness for 3-and-4-year-olds.


Lola’s teachers said she did great jumping back into the school routine. Unfortunately her walking has not improved much. She is still very wobbly and walks around holding onto objects (and hands) as much as she can. I’m wondering if this is still within the normal recovery time, or if we should have the pediatrician take a look to see if she needs some additional medical PT outside of school.

PSM Annual IEP

by Kayte

We met with Max & Lola’s teachers and therapists today for their annual IEP review. I was a bit dismayed at first because they both met less than half of their IEP goals. It felt like failure – failure in parenting, failure in the education system – like we all should have been doing more. But during our IEP meetings I was heartened to learn that the reason why the kids hadn’t met their goals wasn’t because they weren’t making progress, but because of how the goals were written (by an evaluation team who met the kids once, not by the teachers/therapists doing the work). A lot of the goals had language such as “independently, with no prompts” or “5 out of 5 times” and the kids’ teacher explained to me that NO kid their age would do these things ALL the time with NO prompts. Because of how the goals were written the teacher couldn’t declare the goals met, but we were assured that the kids were making great progress in all of these areas. I also spoke with a couple trusted friends who have years of parenting experience with IEPs, and they both explained how hard it was to come up with goals that were challenging and achievable. We collaborated with the teachers to write better goals for the next year, and I left the meeting feeling much more positive about the kids’ progress and the year ahead.

Crazy Hair Day

by Kayte

Lola’s hair I just didn’t brush when she woke up. Max’s hair style never made it to school. 

Twin Day

by Kayte

Max & Lola are celebrating Read Across America at their school with different themed dress-up days. Even though Lola isn’t attending class this week, she’s still been participating. Yesterday was Pajama Day (they both gladly stayed in their PJs all day) and today was Twin Day!