Weirdo Glasses

by Kayte

Today we went to Cousin Booker’s house to celebrate his actual (or, as Lola called it, usual) birthday after the big party last weekend. We celebrated with lots of extended family, more pizza and weirdo glasses!

IMG_3730  IMG_3731
IMG_3733  IMG_3732

Funny Faces

by Kayte

Nana Bah came to the house after swim lessons to hang out with the kids and she brought toys: a dress-up lacing bear that kept Lola occupied for over an hour and a funny faces sticker pad that had us all acting silly.


IMG_3726 IMG_3727 IMG_3728

Olympic Gold

by Kayte

Today was Max & Lola’s last swim lesson of the season. Nana Bah came to watch, cheer, and take pictures. Our last five sessions have been semi-privates so I’ve been able to get in the water with the kids to learn some of the teaching techniques myself.

After fifteen lessons Max was full-on swimming the width of the pool (from the stairs to the wall) and floating on his back. He can dive down (with a little push) to gather diving rings and push himself back up to the surface of the water. Best of all he loves being in the water and his confidence is overflowing.

Lola is still getting used to the sensation of having her face in the water, but after fifteen lessons she will independently put her head in the water (which is a big step) and she even glided off the stairs a couple times without hand-holding. Lola is great at floating on her back and really relaxes in that position. She also has fun in the water and loves splashing around.

The kids were both given medals at the end of their swim lesson for a job well done. (Watch out Michael Phelps!) Now it’s up to us to keep practicing at home, and maybe find a heated pool to swim in this winter.





by Kayte

Mr. Maxie green eyes.


Concert in the Park

by Kayte

We took Max & Lola to their first (I think? They said it was their first…) concert tonight at a local park that hosts free concerts during the summer. We brought a picnic dinner and got there early so the kids could run around and play in the playground. I thought Max & Lola would be more interested in the music once the concert started, but it didn’t quite hold their attention (except they loved the clapping part) so it was a challenge trying to keep them contained in our blanketed area amidst a big crowd. I think if/when we do it next time we should stay more on the outskirts of the crowd so the kids can run around without bumping into other people. It was still a nice way to spend a Sunday evening.








Photo by Max


Wading Pool

by Kayte

Booker had his annual birthday party at the awesome wading pool we went to last year. It was a hot triple-digit day, but the park had plenty of shade plus the pool to cool off in. There was a huge brush fire that started last night and the sky was hazy and smokey, but everyone still had a great time. Pizza, pool, family, cake!

IMG_3695 IMG_3697






by Kayte

School’s out for summer and were trying to keep busy. Today we got together with our NICU-twin-friends for board games, artwork and brownie sundaes. As challenging as the last month at home with the kids has been, hanging out with some 2-1/2 year olds sure makes me appreciate my the 4-year-old stage.

They sure have come a long way since our first get-together


by Kayte

Today was a day of random errands and fun. First we took the kids to get haircuts. Max’s hair was extremely shaggy so he got a full-on summer cut. Lola just went in for a bang trim to get the hair out of her eyes.

IMG_7981 IMG_7982

Next we went to look around the mall and ended up on the free Trolley that shuttles shoppers back and forth around the mall. Max & Lola have been watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood lately (which is the modern-day animated version of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood) and Trolley is still a prominent character so they were thrilled to get to ride on their very own Trolley.



We ate lunch while we were at the mall and Max climbed to the top of the play structure they have there that allows kids to safely free-climb to dizzying heights. It’s always a big hit when we’re there.


So just a nice Sunday of random fun.

Beach Playdate

by Kayte

We met up with Max & Lola’s teachers at the beach today for a summer playdate. Only a couple other kids from class showed up, but it was still fun hanging out with the teachers and their kids. It was a perfect summer beach day and we were shocked that it wasn’t more crowded on a weekend. The water was super warm (68*) and calm so we took the kids IN the ocean for the very first time (vs. just splashing in the surf). They were a bit wary of the waves that could change the water level from ankle-deep to chest-high, but overall they really liked it. Today was probably the longest we’ve ever played at the beach before (4+ hours) and everyone crashed when we got home. What a fun day!






Goats & Strawberries

by Kayte

Today we visitd our local library for an afternoon of singing, puppetry and stories. Our young adult librarian is also an opera singer and she serenaded us with music from The Sound of Music, The Wizard of Oz and Sesame Street. She also puppeteered The Three Billy Goats Gruff and read Goat & Donkey in Strawberry Sunglasses. Afterwards the kids were invited for craft time where they made their own pair of strawberry sunglasses. 


by Kayte

L-M-M-L = Lola!

L-A-M-L = Lola!

It’s a work in progress.

Happy Birthday Sudlow!

by Kayte

Seven years of puppy perfection.


Sty Eye

by Kayte

Lola had some redness and swelling on her eyelids this weekend so we found ourselves back at the pediatrician today. I have personally been dealing with a MRSA cyst/skin-infection for the past two weeks so I thought for sure I had passed something along to her. However I was pleasantly surprised when the pediatrician said that Lola just had a regular old sty that could be treated with warm compresses and should go away in a few days. That was easy.

IMG_4997 IMG_4998

Open Bite

by Kayte

These kids sure do love going to the dentist. Who wouldn’t with all the swag they get: toothbrushes, floss, stickers, balloons and toys. I always loved it as a kid too, so hopefully the tradition will continue. Both kids’ teeth looked good: no cavities, great gums. Max still has what is called an “open bite” from his thumb-sucking; there’s basically a thumb-sized hole between his upper and lower teeth when he bites down. Since his thumb-sucking is slowly on the downward trend, the dentist still wasn’t overly concerned yet. She said we should start talking about it with him and try to phase it out by the time he is five. Fun fact: Lola quick thumb sucking cold turkey after she was intubated in February and her bite looks perfect.

IMG_4999 IMG_5001

4th of July

by Kayte

Happy 4th of July! We had a great weekend full of friends, family, swimming, food and fireworks. Hope yours was a blast too.


P.S. Did I mention the food?


Ear Nose Throat

by Kayte

We went to our second ENT appointment today to discuss Lola’s ear infections. Her ears looked good today – no sign of infection. The right ear still had some water behind the ear drum which can take up to three months post-infection to resolve. The doctor said that with four ear infections this year Lola is a borderline candidate for tube surgery (although he would have scheduled it today if we had wanted to). We decided to make an appointment in two months to see if the water in her ear has resolved; if it hasn’t she will need tubes to clear the water. If in the meantime she gets another ear infection, she will also need tubes. So we wait and see.