Kite Flying Day

by Kayte

Lola loves her kite and asks to play with it any time there is even a hint of a breeze.


5th percentile

by Kayte

Lola had another great 6-month check up at the endocrinologist today. She gained another two pounds which finally put her over the 30-pound mark for the first time, and grew another 1-1/2 inches. She’s in the 5th percentile for weight and the 31st percentile for height. I remember we were so unsure when we started this grown hormone journey, but Lola is doing so well and I’m glad it was the right decision.

Height: 41.5 inches
Weight: 31.7 pounds

Private Rooms

by Kayte

A big milestone this weekend – we moved the kids into their own rooms! They were starting to grow out of their toddler beds, and they were definitely starting to distract each other more and more at bed time, so we decided it was time. Max stayed in the room they were sharing and has a twin bed with a pull-out, and Lola moved into what was our guest room and has a big queen bed (that we may still use for guests from time to time). At first the kids were resistant to the change, but now they both really like their big kid beds and new decor. And this afternoon they both spent some time playing alone in their respective rooms, which is a milestone in itself. Previously the bedroom was just for sleeping and they usually played in the common areas, but I think they like the feeling of having their own space in the house.

Bike MS 2017

by Kayte

Brody rode in his annual Bike MS fundraiser this weekend at a new location: the Rose Bowl. The kids brought their bikes too so they could ride around while we waited for Brody to finish, and they were even able to cross the finish line with him!


by Kayte

Lately I’ve been ordering the kids’ shoes online at Zappos because I can order a bunch of pairs/sizes, try them on in the comfort of our own home, and then send back the ones we don’t want. MUCH easier than dragging the kids to a store. Last night I grabbed a few of their current shoes to compare sizes and order new ones, and left them in the office next to my computer when I was done. This morning I went to yoga so Brody was in charge of dressing the kids and taking them to school, but when he opened their shoe drawers neither kid had a single matching pair of shoes! Luckily I had taken a variety of lefts and rights, so Brody was at least able to find a shoe for each foot, but the kids went to school in mismatched shoes. hah!

Fire Truck Park

by Kayte

A friend introduced us to a new fire truck-themed park in the area so we spent the morning playing. This park has a great shade canopy and no sand, so we stayed relatively cool and clean.

Walking Field Trip

by Kayte

The kids’ preschool classes are introducing Walking Field Trips to teach the kids about street safety and expose them to their local community. There is a shopping center a half mile from their school where the kids all got ice cream before heading back. It was quite a sight to see 30 preschoolers and all their parents/teachers in a long line down the sidewalk.

Sock Sorting

by Kayte

Last fall the kids did a two-month clothing-themed study in school. They washed clothes, practiced closures (buttons, zippers, snaps), and sorted laundry. Since then Lola’s sock-sorting skills have really come in handy. She loves helping me with the laundry, and she can organize a whole pile of mismatched socks all by herself. Just recently she’s started working on folding them together too. Love my little helpers!

Patch Update

by Kayte

After our initial misadventure with the sticky eye patches, Lola and Max have adapted quite well to the fabric patches. The kids wear them for an hour each day during TV time (a good motivator) and sometimes Max even keeps his patch on for longer (up to two hours). I wonder if Max’s glasses are helping his vision more than Lola’s, because he is much better about keeping his glasses (and patch) on consistently throughout the day. Either way they’re both still doing better with glasses than I ever hoped two four-year-olds would do, and I’m hoping for a good report when we go back to the ophthalmologist in June. I never asked how long he anticipated the kids needed their patches (months, years?), so I guess we’ll find out then.

The Lighthouse

by Kayte

Max has been interested in storytelling lately – he tells us the story, and we write down the words. This story was inspired by backyard camping and a book we are reading about a lighthouse. Max even wrote his own name at the end!

The Lighthouse 1 The Lighthouse 2

Backyard Camping

by Kayte

Our weather turned unseasonably warm this week (high 80s) and it felt like camping weather. We didn’t have it in us to get things together for real camping, so we decided to set up camp in the backyard. We pitched a tent on our tiny patch of grass, grilled burgers, ate dinner outside, toasted marshmallows on the grill (moderately successful) and tucked into our tent under a beautiful full moon. The kids were ridiculously excited about the whole thing. We woke up with the DST sun to fresh air and the sound of birds chirping. The campground amenities were great – running water, flush toilets, and a hot pot of coffee on a timer.








Mountain Climber

by Kayte

One of Lola’s new favorite activities at PT is “mountain climbing.” She lies in this big, fabric swing and pulls herself to the top of a rope where she grabs a ring, then she has to let herself back down slowly and put the ring on a cone. The first time Lola attempted this she was extremely wary, but now she lets go of the rope from way high up so she swings all the way back and just laughs and laughs the whole time. It’s so good to see her comfortable in her body.


Sea of Green

by Kayte

We’ve had some big rains in Los Angeles this winter and no where is the effect more stunning than at our local hiking grounds. This is what it looked like just this past Thanksgiving


November 2016

…and this is what it looks like now! It was a really neat day for a hike. There was a storm coming in and we watched the clouds roll in over the hills. We got back in our car just as the first drops were starting to fall.







PALs – Crazy Hair Day

by Kayte

Max and Lola had Crazy Hair Day at school today. One of the moms from Max’s class does hair for a living, so she came in with all her professional supplies and did crazy hair for the whole class. Max came home with a gold-and-silver mohawk. I sent Lola to school with four bunches and four bows in her hair.


IMG_5658 IMG_5659

They also wore their Bob Dylan t-shirts because Bob Dylan has crazy hair.


IEP Graduation

by Kayte

We had Max’s annual IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meeting at school today and he has officially graduated from special education services. He will start a general ed kindergarten class in the fall. From 25-weeker to average 5-year-old. Amazing.

Due to a clerical mix-up Lola’s IEP meeting isn’t scheduled until May 17th, which we are super upset about because it leaves a lot of things up in the air for the next two months. But their assessment calendar is so booked they couldn’t change it. Sigh.