The Lighthouse

by Kayte

Max has been interested in storytelling lately – he tells us the story, and we write down the words. This story was inspired by backyard camping and a book we are reading about a lighthouse. Max even wrote his own name at the end!

The Lighthouse 1 The Lighthouse 2

Assembly Line

by Kayte

The kids were busy today making custom Valentines today. I haven’t had to buy greeting cards in almost five years!




by Kayte

I walked into the living room this evening to find Max’s cars arranged in a beautiful composition. It reminded me of when he was two years old and organized all the shoes in the nursery.


Workshop: Crate Toolbox

by Kayte

Every month Home Depot offers free workshops for kids. Max and Lola have been a little young to participate, but after they had so much fun building derby cars at the pumpkin festival last fall we decided to sign them up. This month’s workshop was for a wooden toolbox, which was perfect because Max needed one to go with his new workbench. We (the adults) still had to help quite a bit with the hammers and glue, but it was a really fun project and we’ll definitely be doing more in the future.

Gopher Trap

by Kayte

img_4978 img_4979
We recently cleaned up a small patch of dirt in our back yard and planted a drought-tolerant lawn so Sudlow and the kids would have a bit of grass to play on. Of course that very week a gopher decided to take up residence in the area; digging tunnels and wreaking havoc on our poor plants. So I went out and bought traps, dug some holes of my own, and eventually caught the culprit. A few weeks later Max brought home this drawing from school. Art imitates life.


A Ship With a Crow’s Nest

by Kayte

We were doing some painting today and it was the first time I’ve ever seen Max consciously put a specific image to paper. And it really looks like what he said it is! First he drew the green ship, then he added a red crow’s nest and finally he painted blue water all along the bottom. It was really neat to watch him create something so intentional




Funny Faces

by Kayte

Nana Bah came to the house after swim lessons to hang out with the kids and she brought toys: a dress-up lacing bear that kept Lola occupied for over an hour and a funny faces sticker pad that had us all acting silly.


IMG_3726 IMG_3727 IMG_3728

Chalk Paint

by Kayte

Max and Lola got this chalk paint set for their birthday LAST year (2015) and we’re just getting around to using it now. I’m not sure why we waited so long because it’s really fun! The kids loved walking around with their own bucket of “paint” like professional painters. It cleans up really easily too, although in California we probably won’t get rain again until December which makes chalk art more like permanent graffiti in these parts.




Elephant Ears

by Kayte

Just another adorable preschool art project. This week’s theme: Zoo Animals.

IMG_3071 IMG_3072

Brody’s Book

by Kayte

Sorry I know I haven’t posted much recently but sometimes there’s just nothing really going on! And after the month we had in February, sometimes boring is good.

Nana came by to hang out with the kids. She helped them author and illustrate their very own book. And now that it’s on the blog I can official declare Max & Lola published authors. With a little prompting Max & Lola told Nana what to write in their book and helped her draw the illustrations. Not bad for a debut novel.








Paint Sticks

by Kayte

Aunt Julie got the kids these amazing paint sticks and we’ve been having a lot of messy fun with them. The sticks are like super vibrant crayons that you can mix and layer, but they don’t smudge or spill (although they are still plenty messy). They’re especially good for Lola who still has a hard time with traditional writing utensils. Max was obsessed with trying to fill every inch of his paper with color.

IMG_2214 IMG_2215 IMG_2216

Cool Messy Fun

by Kayte







Chalk It Up

by Kayte

Max & Lola’s imaginations are really pushing the boundaries of my artistic talent. They love asking me to draw all sorts of things with our sidewalk chalk. Thanks to Max I’ve gotten especially good at trucks of all kinds. Max especially likes me to “animate” his drawings. For example, after I draw the fire truck with the firemen and all the equipment, THEN he wants the ladder up a house with a fireman climbing it and the other firemen spraying the house with the hose.


Fire engine with ladder and hoses. Firemen rescuing a house.

MAX’S NOTE: Do not ever, EVER try to draw the fire engine in pink, even though it is the closest chalk-color we have to red.


Cherry picker truck

MAX’S NOTE: The man driving the truck is NOT supposed to have a helmet, only the man in the bucket.


Gardener truck with lawn mower, hose, rake, brook, trimmer and bucket.

I bet you can guess what Lola asks me to draw! She is much easier to please.


I also get a lot of requests for balloons, kites and and school buses (adorned with a stop sign). After I draw the school bus they both like to go stand on it and pretend they’re getting a ride to school.


by Kayte

The kids got a very cool watercolor painting book for their birthday. Max was more interested in eating his. Lola did well with a little assistance. It made for a fun morning activity.

IMG_2697.JPG IMG_2698.JPG



by Kayte

Max & Lola had a messy day at playgroup today. First there was the swimming pool, so we stripped down to diapers. Then there was the back-and-forth from swimming pool to sandbox, like breading a chicken breast. Then there was the painting station where Max & Lola painted each other along with the paper. And finally there was the container of bubbles that Lola poured out all over the place. At least they were pre-soaped for the immediate bath that followed when we got home.



Blue Man

by Kayte




Pumpkin Decor

by Kayte

Today we carved and painted the pumpkins we picked at the farm last weekend. Max & Lola helped scoop the pumpkin guts and each painted their own pumpkins. It was good, messy fun.








Wet Chalk

by Kayte

I let Max & Lola run around in the sprinklers, then we played with chalk in the puddles. It’s a technique we learned from our OT and it looks really cool. Almost like paint with really vibrant colors. Makes a big mess too!


by Kayte

We are STILL waiting for insurance to approve Lola’s speech therapy, so we had another free day. Still too hot to play outside mid-day, so we “cooked” playdough inside. It was surprisingly easy, and the process was as much fun as the result.

Measuring the flour

Pouring the oil

Blend for 2min = dough!

Kneading the dough

Vacuuming - Max's favorite

Finally, play time

Max Handprint

More 'cooking'

Lola Handprint


by Kayte

We had a free day today while we wait for Lola’s speech therapy to be approved by insurance. It was too hot to go outside, so we spent the afternoon painting (and then bathing).