Gym Monkeys

by Kayte

The Gym

by Kayte

Last January we first started doing physical therapy at the gym. A year ago Lola wanted nothing to do with the swing, trampoline, rings, ropes, slides, or mats. Fast forward to 2015 and it’s amazing to see the progress she (and Max) have made. PT is now by far their favorite day.






by Kayte

The PT is trying to challenge Lola more in therapy to make regular waking seem easy. Today Lola walked up and down a small ramp (two gym mats on top of each other) and over a few speed bumps. She did way better than last week when the obstacles brought her to tears. The therapist also had Lola walk while holding an object (two noodles & a deflated soccer ball) to try to bring Lola’s arms down. She still walks in “high guard” with arms in cactus pose. It’s something all new walkers do for balance, but Lola is an old pro now and it’s more of a habit than functional- time to phase it out.

20140804-215428-78868861.jpg 20140804-215437-78877019.jpg 20140804-215441-78881290.jpg

Gym Day

by Kayte

Max and Lola are totally thriving at the gymnastics gym. They had so much fun today jumping and running/walking and climbing and diving. It’s fun to see them both enjoying therapy so much.

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Bounce House

by Kayte

The gym we go to for PT is in the midst of their annual gymnastics summer camp. Today they had a bounce house set up and Max & Lola got to jump around inside before all the campers showed up. Toddlers’ first bounce house. They were a little freaked out at first, but warmed up to it eventually. Max & Lola especially liked the giant slide on the way out.


PT itself was good. Lola did more walking. Max did more climbing. We jumped in the marshmallow pit. Swung on the rings. Jumped on the trampoline. A typical awesome day at the gym.


by Kayte

Climbing was the theme of the day. First Lola climbed onto the couch by herself for the first time ever. Then they were both climbing all over everything at the gym. And later that day Max climbed OUT of his crib to the floor (not Lola’s crib).


PT at the gym was okay. Lola seemed a little sad and scared. It’s one thing for her to scream in anger/protest, but seeing her little chin quiver just broke my heart. She warmed up after a bit, so maybe she just needed time for her walking confidence to translate to a new location.

PT at the Gym

by Kayte

They say “third time’s a charm” and apparently that holds true for Lola’s tolerance of PT at the gym. We went again yesterday and she did great! Lola did all the same exercises as before (plus some) with no tears! She even took a couple baby steps with no support (but I don’t think she noticed or she would’ve freaked out). Maybe now she’ll be able to put all her energy into making progress instead of complaining.

Back to the Gym

by Kayte

Max & Lola went back to the gym for their physical therapy session today. Lola did a lot better than last time; there were still a lot of tears, but she managed a few smiles too!


by Kayte

Our PT is a gymnastics judge and she’s part of a great gym that allows her to use their facilities for her patients. Last week she finally declared Max (and sort of Lola) ready for therapy at the gym!

The facility is a kids’ dream. They have all sorts of cool things – padded floors, trampolines, marshmallow pits, ropes, rings, hanging bars, swings, balance beams and more. Max loved it. He ran around with a huge grin, taking everything in stride.

Lola…not so much. She cried on the trampoline. She cried on the rope. She cried on the rings. If you really want to see Lola pitch a fit, try rolling her down a ramp. Geez. It was a lot of stimulation for a little person. But all the more reason that it is so important for her. She didn’t mind the marshmallow pit so…baby steps!


20140125-213704.jpg 20140125-213710.jpg


20140125-214028.jpg 20140125-214036.jpg


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Max & Lola were exhausted after their big gym excursion. They fell asleep in the car on the way home AND took their usual afternoon nap. Looking forward to more Friday fun at the gym in the weeks to come.