Crew Cut

by Kayte

I’m still trying to figure out Max’s hair which is thick but fine and slippery and refuses to swoop or be styled. This time I had it cut pretty short along the sides and back, leaving just enough on top to do something with.

img_4965 img_4964 img_4966
Lola got her regular bang trim. Her hair is finally starting to fill out nice and even around shoulder-length.


by Kayte

Today was a day of random errands and fun. First we took the kids to get haircuts. Max’s hair was extremely shaggy so he got a full-on summer cut. Lola just went in for a bang trim to get the hair out of her eyes.

IMG_7981 IMG_7982

Next we went to look around the mall and ended up on the free Trolley that shuttles shoppers back and forth around the mall. Max & Lola have been watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood lately (which is the modern-day animated version of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood) and Trolley is still a prominent character so they were thrilled to get to ride on their very own Trolley.



We ate lunch while we were at the mall and Max climbed to the top of the play structure they have there that allows kids to safely free-climb to dizzying heights. It’s always a big hit when we’re there.


So just a nice Sunday of random fun.

Great Clips

by Kayte

We finally cut the cord from our fun kids’ salon and took the kids for a regular old haircut. It’s way closer to our house (and way cheaper) AND they had a huge bin of book so the kids happily sat and read instead of being over-stimulated with games and toys and candy.

Lola’s hair was in this weird phase where the top half was long and straight and the bottom half was curly, so I had the stylist layer the straight hair so it blended in with the curls a bit more.

IMG_3925 IMG_3926
We really liked Max’s style from his last cut, so I just had the stylist clean him up a bit (with a few cowlick modifications). Sorry I know hair cut posts are not the most terribly exciting but it is helpful to have a photo archive of hair styles to show the stylists what we like/don’t like.

IMG_3927 IMG_3928


by Kayte

Time for hair cuts! Lola just got a bang trim but we went for it with Max’s hair. Until now we’ve only really trimmed his hair, but today we cut inches off and he got a whole new short style. 

New Year, New ‘Do

by Kayte

Both kids were over’do for haircuts. Max got a full trim, Lola just the bangs. I mostly just post pictures for documentation purposes so I can show the hairdresser what to do next time.

Modified Modified Modified


by Kayte

Hair cut time! I tried to find another kid salon nearer to our new house. This place was okay, but I don’t think we’re going to find anything as cute as our Yellow Balloon. At least no one has hair hanging in their eyes for the time being.

IMG_3178.JPG IMG_3179.JPG IMG_3180.JPG


by Kayte

Max’s hair finally grew out into his eyes so it was time for haircuts again. I decided to get Lola’s cut this time too. She has a lot of nice ‘kid hair’ growing in underneath but she had a lot of long baby hair up top – the kind that gets super tangled. Hopefully this cut will even things out a bit more and make her hair easier to wrangle.




Summer Cuts

by Kayte

Everybody got haircuts this week. Shorter cut for Max, bang trim hack for Lola and summer cut for Sudlow. Not quite sure how a request for “eyebrow length” was translated into Lola’s current ‘do, but…hair grows.



by Kayte

Lola’s hair has been completely unruly lately so I finally decided it was time for a hair cut. I knew she needed bangs but I had been afraid to do it after our bad experience last summer.  Luckily the woman today did a much better job and Lola’s hair turned out really cute. It’s still pretty unruly but at least it’s not in her eyes anymore.



by Kayte

Max was starting to a look a little shaggy so we took both kids in for haircuts. It had been 3 months for Max, and over 6 months for Lola. I was a little gun shy after her last hack job. Thankfully the stylist did a very nice job on both kids today. She shortened Lola’s stray ends to make everything look fuller, and cleaned up Max’s shag. We left with two sharp-looking kids.

IMG_2473.JPG IMG_2474.JPG




2 Going on 12

by Kayte

Agh Max got a haircut today and he instantly looks 10 years older. It’s crazy. He was long overdue though, and it will grow back to a shaggy, curly, toddler mess in no time.

IMG_2162.JPG IMG_2167.JPG IMG_2164.JPG

Nana Bah has been in town helping with the kids. It’s a huge help to have a second set of hands when we go on outings, and around the house when I’m trying to get chores done. The kids love hanging out with their Nana.



Bad Hair Day

by Kayte

We took Max & Lola to a new salon for their haircuts. I wanted to try bangs with Lola, but things didn’t turn out so well…

IMG_8661.JPG IMG_8659.PNG

…she looks like Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber. And I think Max might have a mullet.

Good thing hair grows back!

The Yellow Balloon

by Kayte

Lola was really looking unkempt after Max got his first hair cut, so we decided to take her in for a little trim too. We want her hair to grow out so they didn’t cut much, but she does look a lot cleaner now. Two kids officially graduated from babyhood.




First Haircut

by Kayte

Max’s hair had grown so long in back it was practically a mullet. We decided it was time for his first haircut. Lola’s had several “haircuts” with her surgeries, so I’m going to let hers grow for awhile. Though I will say she was looking kind of shabby after Max’s grooming.






Mother’s Day

by Kayte

Well I wasn’t expecting to celebrate this day until next year, but the kids gave me the best present I could have asked for – a fairly stable day.

We visited Lola first and although she had a really bad previous 12 hours, she was behaving very well by the time we got there. It was so nice not to hear the beeping and she looked pretty peaceful. They had her on 3 different antibiotics (bacterial & fungal), dopamine (blood pressure), epinephrine (adrenaline/blood pressure), fentanyl (pain reliever/sedative), hydrocortisone (steroids), lasix (diuretic) and ~40% oxygen. Crazy how much they pump into a little 2-pound body. They seemed to have found the balance with everything though because all her levels were where they wanted.

Next we went and visited Max and he was having a very stable day. They even had the nurse on a 1:2 ratio (1 nurse, 2 babies) for the first time. All of his levels were good, his chest x-ray looked a lot better, blood gases were good, he’s off the dopamine and blood pressure stable. A few more days like that and they’ll think about feeding him again which should really help the weight gain and growth.

While we were at St. Joe we got a call from UCLA (the dreaded calls) that the neurologists were on their way to do Lola’s head tap. They wanted to relieve some of the pressure and get a sample to test for possible infection since she had been so up and down the past few days with no real explanation. We couldn’t make it to the hospital in time for the procedure, but everything went really well. She stayed stable the whole time and handled everything like a champ. They pulled out 4.5ccs of fluid and we will get infection results in the next 36-48 hours. In the meantime they’re hoping the reduced fluid will help stabilize her. When we got there Lola was very stable – the night nurse was just chilling. They think the hydrocortisone kicked in and really helped to dial things in.

Marcia, the day nurse, was very sweet – she managed to get a footprint from Lola and made a mother’s day card for me. They also had to shave part of Lola’s head for the tap, and the nurse saved the hair from Lola’s first haircut. It’s the little things.

Now I’m enjoying my day with a glass of wine and hope that the next few days will be on the upswing.