Easter 2017

by Kayte

We had a busy few days with the kids being on Spring Break last week, Brody spending some time in the ER for a hernia/heart murmur Friday (long story short, he’s ok!), and hosting Passover Seder yesterday, so Easter today was a fairly mellow affair. We went through the motions of egg dyeing and egg hunting, but no one really had their heart in it.



IMG_5863 IMG_5864

IMG_5867 IMG_5868


Passover Paintings

by Kayte

We hosted a Seder dinner for our family and neighbors this year, and the kids were in charge of the decorations. Lola was in charge of taste-testing the brisket – she is a carnivore!

PALs Egg Hunt

by Kayte

The kids’ classes both celebrated Easter in their last few days of school before spring break. They dyed eggs, made their own baskets, and went on an egg hunt. We sure are going to miss these classes at the end of the year.

Walking Field Trip

by Kayte

The kids’ preschool classes are introducing Walking Field Trips to teach the kids about street safety and expose them to their local community. There is a shopping center a half mile from their school where the kids all got ice cream before heading back. It was quite a sight to see 30 preschoolers and all their parents/teachers in a long line down the sidewalk.

Lunch with a Lovebug

by Kayte

Brody and I joined the kids at school today for lunch with our little lovebugs. They were thrilled to see Daddy, who doesn’t get to come to as many school events as I do because of work. I made the kids a special lunch of heart-shaped sandwiches, watermelon and strawberries and Daddy brought them ice blended chocolate shakes – a super special treat!



Assembly Line

by Kayte

The kids were busy today making custom Valentines today. I haven’t had to buy greeting cards in almost five years!



Holiday Bash

by Kayte

We had our annual get together with our NICU/twin-friends today. They had fun rearranging the furniture, making pizzas, and running around like crazy. A typical day in Twinland!

Don’t Stop Me Now

by Kayte

We celebrated the last night of Hanukkah tonight and rang in the New Year. We ate a fancy dinner at home and let Max & Lola use real glass plates and champagne [sparkling juice] glasses – ironically the only one that broke was while we were washing dishes after. We had a dance party in the kitchen to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” – cause I’m having a good time, I’m having a good time! We played a board game and stayed up “late” watching the ball drop in NYE on east coast time. It was a fun, special evening at home with just the four of us. When I reflect on 2016 it was dominated by medical difficulties – two pneumonia hospitalizations, chronic ear infections, multiple MRSA infections and two outpatient surgeries. I’m hoping for a very healthy 2017 with continued growth and development for my little ones. Don’t stop us now!

The 7th Night

by Kayte

Tonight we celebrated Hanukkah with Nana Bah, Uncle David, Aunt Julie, Cousin Booker and Cousin Ellie. 

O’ Hanukkah

by Kayte

Happy 6th night!

Winter Waves

by Kayte

Whenever family is in town we are always drawn to the ocean. Today we spent a peaceful afternoon watching the waves and breathing in the fresh sea air. No matter how cold the air or water is, the kids always end up wet, but at least I’m wise to them now and remembered to bring a change of clothes. We left the beach feeling refreshed, and finished our ocean day with a seafood lunch.



IMG_5456 IMG_5457





All I Want For Christmas

by Kayte

I got my Christmas wish this year – my whole family healthy and at home. The kids got what they wanted too: Lola a doll stroller with baby food, and Max a real workbench (just like daddy’s). My mom surprised us all with new stockings that she sewed and embroidered – they are amazing and will be cherished for years to come. The adults played our annual White Elephant/Secret Santa gift giving game which included Omaha Steaks, a luxe bidet, orchestral windchimes, a DNA test, Norwex cleaning supplies, and gourmet cookware. But the best gift of all was the gift of family – we are so blessed to have spent this day together in each other’s company.






IMG_5446 IMG_5449


After a delicious Christmas dinner of turkey, stuffing, cranberry and mashed potatoes, we went for a bike-walk to make room for pumpkin pie. Merry Christmas everyone!



La Brea Tarpets

by Kayte

We haven’t been able to get out and about too easily with Max & Lola’s rigorous breathing treatment schedule, but today we started scaling back on meds a little bit and were able to fit in an excursion between treatments. My dad has been wanting to re-visit the La Brea Tar Pits (or as Max pronounced it: tarpets, as in carpets) ever since his first visit in 2006 so we ended up there. We had been hesitant to visit the last couple years because Max went through a stage of being terrified of statues, but I’m happy to report that he is [mostly] over that fear (although the animatronic statues did give him pause).






IMG_5433 IMG_5434

To the animatronic statue Lola just said, “Pooh-pooh.



Tonight was also the first night of Hanukkah so we cooked a big brisket and fried up a batch of Latkes. L’chaim!


Christmas Cookies

by Kayte

Today Grandma organized sugar cookie decorating for the family. Max and Lola did a great job spreading frosting and shaking sprinkles on their cookies, although an equal amount of both probably went into their mouths too 🙂

IMG_5418 IMG_5417





We picked up Max’s glasses today and he’s also been great about wearing them (knock on wood). While they were waiting for the glasses to be ready, Max and Lola made an impromptu visit to the fire station to donate a board game to the Spark of Love Toy Drive.



Family Travels

by Kayte

The first round of family has landed (mom, dad, brother) with more on the way today (aunt, cousin). There was so much I meant to get done last week before Lola was hospitalized, but it’s refreshing to be reminded that holidays aren’t about extra presents or a clean house. We couldn’t be more grateful that our family is together and healthy (or at least on the mend) heading into this holiday season. Simple as that.

In other news Lola’s glasses are in and she has been doing an unbelievably great job keeping them on. Knock on wood.

PALs – Holiday Performance

by Kayte

Today Max sang three songs at his second holiday performance at school. Lola obviously had to miss it because she is in the hospital, which is a shame because they’ve been practicing since Thanksgiving. Last year Max and Lola just stood on stage looking dazed, but this year Max sang along to all the words – and he even introduced their class to the audience. So proud of my big guy.

Thanksgiving 2016

by Kayte

The usual crew flew in to town for our third annual Thanksgiving celebration. The food was great and the company was amazing. Max and Lola were so excited to have “their family” come over – they could barely contain their excitement all morning long. I think I might be getting the hang of this Thanksgiving thing – it was still a lot of work, but it felt a lot less stressful than years past. Already looking forward to next year!






Thanksgiving Prep

by Kayte

Max and Lola had the entire week off school for Thanksgiving break, so I enlisted them to make desserts for dinner tomorrow. Lola helped me with the apple pie – rolling dough, measuring ingredients, stirring sauce, and taste-testing apples. Max helped with the pumpkin cheesecake – measuring ingredients, cracking eggs, mixing, and taste-testing the batter. I hope everything tastes as good as it looks!



img_5290 img_5291

Where the Wild Things Are

by Kayte

Max and Lola’s costumes this year were from the book Where the Wild Things Are – Max in the Wolf Suit and Lola the Wild Thing.



Max and Lola had a big Halloween celebration at school today – costume parade, trick-or-treating at the classrooms, make-and-take holiday crafts and a potluck brunch.


img_5145 img_5146

Lola still had a cough today, but her fever has subsided and she was acting pretty normal so we let her go to school to participate in the festivities. We rested during the afternoon and went out for a very brief trick-or-treating walk just to say hi to a few of our neighbors. The kids ended up with enough candy to last them until next Halloween!



Trunk or Treat 2016

by Kayte

Max stayed home from school today after his surgery for a little R&R, but he didn’t seem to need it. He was running around like normal (even doing yoga!) and refused my offer of medicine for pain. He probably would have been fine going to school, but it was fun to stay home together and watch a movie 🙂

We figured both the kids were well enough to go to the annual Trunk or Treat event at their school. Nana came with again, and Brody was even able to get out of work early, so we had a nice family outing. This year there were lots of games for the kids to play, a taco truck for dinner, and of course the candy! We had lots of fun and are so happy to be part of our awesome school community.









Apparently “Say ‘Trunk or Treat!'” is not the thing to say when taking a photo.