Kite Flying Day

by Kayte

Lola loves her kite and asks to play with it any time there is even a hint of a breeze.


Fire Truck Park

by Kayte

A friend introduced us to a new fire truck-themed park in the area so we spent the morning playing. This park has a great shade canopy and no sand, so we stayed relatively cool and clean.

La Quinta

by Kayte

We spent today with Grambo & Papa in snowbird paradise. After breakfast we took the kids to a local park where they enjoyed the undivided attention of four adults. Afterward we took a bike ride to the tennis courts where Grambo & Papa introduced Brody to pickleball. Then it was time to drive home – both kids fell asleep in the car exhausted: the sign of a good weekend.





Autumn Lull

by Kayte

After months of mid-90s temperatures, it finally cooled down to the high 70s for a couple glorious fall days. We took full advantage by heading to the park after school, something which we usually can’t do because it’s just too hot in the mid-afternoon. The sun was still warm but the cool breeze felt heavenly.



MI Day 5 – Family Day

by Kayte

Sunday we got together for lunch with our extended Michigan family. Parents, grandparents, kids, grandkids, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins. There were 6 kids, 3 dogs (including a puppy) and lots of noisy fun. Max & Lola keep asking me if everyone’s backyard “is a park” – they’re not used to so much green grass and open space.





Lola was an absolute riot. After a very brief feeling-things-out period, she burst into rare form and took command of the room. She led people around, gave orders, sang, orchestrated doctor play and just generally made herself the center of attention. My parents asked me if she’s usually so outgoing in large groups of [relative] strangers, and I couldn’t really think of a comparable situation, but she was pretty consistent the entire week with groups of friends and family so I guess so! She must be the lone extrovert/class-clown of the family.

MI Day 4 – Friends Day

by Kayte

On Saturday we met up with two of my best friends from childhood, Michelle and Jeremy, and their respective spouses, Alex and Stefani. We went out for lunch, played at the park, and had a great time just hanging out. Michelle/Alex and Jeremy/Stefani had of course met the kids before, but this was the first time Max & Lola were old enough to meet (and hopefully remember) them in turn.







MI Day 3 – Fireworks

by Kayte

We had plans to visit the county fair today but I figured that we get enough noise/crowds at home and decided to revel in the calm, quiet of my childhood home. We spent the morning outside at my parents’ house and the afternoon back at the lake for more swimming. In the evening we went to an outdoor concert at a park that had a bounce house/slide, playground and big wheel track for the kids. My aunt and uncle met us at the concert, then brought fireworks back to the house for the kids. This 4th of July I realized that NO fireworks are legal in California when I couldn’t even find sparklers, so I asked my family to save some for us in Michigan. Max & Lola like the sparklers (under very close supervision) but thought even the little fountains were a bit too loud.










by Kayte

Today was a day of random errands and fun. First we took the kids to get haircuts. Max’s hair was extremely shaggy so he got a full-on summer cut. Lola just went in for a bang trim to get the hair out of her eyes.

IMG_7981 IMG_7982

Next we went to look around the mall and ended up on the free Trolley that shuttles shoppers back and forth around the mall. Max & Lola have been watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood lately (which is the modern-day animated version of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood) and Trolley is still a prominent character so they were thrilled to get to ride on their very own Trolley.



We ate lunch while we were at the mall and Max climbed to the top of the play structure they have there that allows kids to safely free-climb to dizzying heights. It’s always a big hit when we’re there.


So just a nice Sunday of random fun.

Rainy Play

by Kayte

It started drizzling while we were at the park today but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits.







Ferraro Fields

by Kayte

It’s Spring Break and I’m making the most of our time off with playdates and visits. Today we met up with our twin-friends for a playground picnic. Lola desperately wanted to fly her kite, and although there wasn’t much of a breeze we did manage to get it up in the air




Bumpy Slide

by Kayte

Ga-ram-pa came to the park to play today. He and Max took turns launching off the bumpy slide. Lola found a stop sign!



IMG_3201.JPG IMG_3200.JPG

Castle Park

by Kayte

Another beautiful sunny day spent at the park.

IMG_3197.JPG IMG_3192.JPG

IMG_3196.JPG IMG_3193.JPG

Twirly Slide

by Kayte

We found our new favorite playground in the area. Set in a beautiful park with age-appropriate equipment AND it’s totally fenced in so I can take the kids by myself. Perfect.

The twirly slide was the main attraction of the day.

We packed a picnic lunch and spent the whole afternoon outside.





Boo Boo Report

by Kayte

Max came home from school today with a boo boo report in his backpack. He was running on the playground, tripped & fell, and scraped up his knee pretty good. He felt better after lots of hugs and a bandage.



Park Play

by Kayte

We’ve all been super busy ever since school started so we wants to give Max & Lola some free playtime to just run around and be kids. They suggested a visit to the park so we spent the morning swinging, climbing, and  digging. 


The mister was working today! I thought it was intentionally shut off because of the drought, but maybe it was just broken.

Rattlesnake Park

by Kayte

We found a new park today with a great playground, wide open spaces, and beautiful views. The only drawback was the rattlesnake warning sign(s)…I assume due to the park’s proximity to the Santa Monica Mountains. Luckily we didn’t see any snakes and we had great time playing.





Summer Cram

by Kayte

Summer Cram: Attempting to pack in as much fun as possible into the summer before the school year starts. Usually occurs near the end of summer.

This is Max & Lola’s last week of summer vacation before they start preschool next Tuesday. We’re trying to make the most of it while we can. We had a play date with our NICU buddies, enjoyed lunch with friends, and today went to the playground. It’s also been hot this week so we picked a park with lots of shade and we got there early. We were having a great time and would have stayed longer except an aggressive squirrel ate all our snacks, and Lola had to pee.

IMG_2977.JPG IMG_2976.JPG IMG_2975.JPG

Birthday Bike

by Kayte

I got a new bike for my birthday so we could take the kids for longer rides. Brody even installed a trailer hitch so I can pull the kids too. Pedaling sure was a lot harder with an extra 50+ pounds behind me. We rode the bike path all the way to Balboa Park and let the kids play at the playground for a bit before heading back home. It was a fun family adventure.







Twins X3

by Kayte

We played hooky from speech therapy today and met our twin friends at our new favorite park. It was a lot more crowded than last time, which made it a little harder to keep track of everyone, but the kids had fun intermingling with all the different groups. Best of all were the long naps everyone (kids, not moms) took when we got home.




The Pileup




Six Twins



by Kayte

It’s supposed to rain most of this weekend, so we got outdoors early and made the most of the clear morning. Brody went for a bike ride while I took the kids for a nice walk. Then we all headed to the park for a little outdoor play.