My Dad Rocks

by Kayte

We spent most of Father’s Day hiding inside from the 106° heat (in the shade) outside. We did manage to get some splash time in the pool and to grill dinner, but it was too hot for much else. Brody opened gifts that the kids had made at school – painted stones with “My dad rocks!” written on them. So cute. Lola was feeling/acting 100% better today so we mostly just enjoyed being home together as a healthy, happy family. There’s no better gift than that.

img_4446.jpg img_4447.jpg

Last Day of PSM

by Kayte

Today was Max & Lola’s last day of preschool for the school year! They have learned and grown so much since their first day; I can’t wait to see what next year brings. This year they were in a Preschool-Mixed (PSM) program that only met for 2-1/2 hours 4 days a week. Next year they will be starting a new program called Preschool for All Learners (PALS) which meets 4-1/2 hours a day 5 days a week. They will also be attending a 4-week summer school in July. The best part is that school has been such a positive experience for them (and us). They are excited and enthusiastic about going to school every day: I hope they enjoy it this much for the rest of their lives!


Field Trip: The Beach

by Kayte

We started the week off right with a trip to the beach with Max & Lola’s preschool class. Apparently they’ve been doing it annually for the past 15+ years. The weather was beautiful and Max & Lola had a great time splashing in the waves with their classmates.




The highlight of Lola’s day was being able to fly her kite all by herself!

Elephant Ears

by Kayte

Just another adorable preschool art project. This week’s theme: Zoo Animals.

IMG_3071 IMG_3072

St. Patrick’s Day

by Kayte

Max & Lola had a very busy day at school today. Leprechauns visited their classroom, tipping over chairs and leaving footprints. There was an Easter egg hunt on the school yard. And the class celebrated two students’ birthdays. Now it’s Spring Break and I’m on a mission to get Max potty trained before school starts up again. Wish me luck 🙂




IMG_2007 IMG_2008


Back at School

by Kayte

Lola joined her brother back at school today! She was really excited to go back, and Max was happy to have her. He had been clingy this past month when I’d try to drop him off, but today they both just walked right in. I was also surprised how sweet her classmates were. They all knew she had been out of school sick, and they were all concerned for her well-being and happy she was back. I thought it a lot of awareness for 3-and-4-year-olds.


Lola’s teachers said she did great jumping back into the school routine. Unfortunately her walking has not improved much. She is still very wobbly and walks around holding onto objects (and hands) as much as she can. I’m wondering if this is still within the normal recovery time, or if we should have the pediatrician take a look to see if she needs some additional medical PT outside of school.

PSM Annual IEP

by Kayte

We met with Max & Lola’s teachers and therapists today for their annual IEP review. I was a bit dismayed at first because they both met less than half of their IEP goals. It felt like failure – failure in parenting, failure in the education system – like we all should have been doing more. But during our IEP meetings I was heartened to learn that the reason why the kids hadn’t met their goals wasn’t because they weren’t making progress, but because of how the goals were written (by an evaluation team who met the kids once, not by the teachers/therapists doing the work). A lot of the goals had language such as “independently, with no prompts” or “5 out of 5 times” and the kids’ teacher explained to me that NO kid their age would do these things ALL the time with NO prompts. Because of how the goals were written the teacher couldn’t declare the goals met, but we were assured that the kids were making great progress in all of these areas. I also spoke with a couple trusted friends who have years of parenting experience with IEPs, and they both explained how hard it was to come up with goals that were challenging and achievable. We collaborated with the teachers to write better goals for the next year, and I left the meeting feeling much more positive about the kids’ progress and the year ahead.

Crazy Hair Day

by Kayte

Lola’s hair I just didn’t brush when she woke up. Max’s hair style never made it to school. 

Twin Day

by Kayte

Max & Lola are celebrating Read Across America at their school with different themed dress-up days. Even though Lola isn’t attending class this week, she’s still been participating. Yesterday was Pajama Day (they both gladly stayed in their PJs all day) and today was Twin Day!


Outstanding Effort

by Kayte

Max earned another Student of the Month award at school this week. This time it was the Outstanding Effort award for “his effort to interact with peers and follow the classroom rules & routine.” Miss Cindy said he’s been extra helpful with some of the new students who have joined their class recently. So proud of our boy!


“This little guy has been very helpful with his peers recently. He’s been helping our new student adjust to our program. He is engaging in appropriate play with other children, and he is always happy to come to school and try his best.”


Seussical the Musical

by Kayte

Max & Lola’s went on their second class field trip today to Seussical the Musical; a musical performance based on many different Dr. Seuss books. In preparation we have been reading Dr. Seuss like mad this past week. I even got to know some “new” books that I missed during my childhood. We all loved it. Max & Lola sat [mostly] attentively through the entire 90-minute performance, clapping and asking lots of questions.

Cool Bus!

Although the highlight of their day may have been the COOL BUS RIDE which shuttled us from the parking lot to the stage.

Don’t worry. Max is happy about Seussical; he’s not so happy about me trying to get him to pose for a picture.


by Kayte

Max & Lola brought these home from school. I was reading one of the quotes “We can go to school together peacefully.” and asked them what it meant. Max answered: “Martin.”

2016-01-13-Lola-MLK 2016-01-14-Max-MLK

School Pictures

by Kayte

2015_12_17_18_36_02 2015_12_17_18_36_14

Happy Holidays

by Kayte


I’m a Little Snowman

by Kayte


Halloween Parade

by Kayte

Max & Lola’s preschool class had a Halloween parade and party at school this morning. Everybody brought a [healthy] dish to pass (the era of cupcakes in class is over) and the kids all dressed up in costume. With the recent move I haven’t had the time or brain space to create costumes this year (my sewing machine wasn’t even unpacked until this week) so I decided to repurpose their costumes from last year, which involved alterations to add five inches of length to the legs and torso.

It was fun for us as parents to spend some time at school with the kids, and Max & Lola had a blast playing with their classmates and eating party food.






Red Ribbon Week

by Kayte

This week Max & Lola’s school joined the Red Ribbon Campaign for a drug-free America. While we didn’t really discuss the finer points of the campaign, they did have a lot of fun dressing up.


Monday: Crazy Sock Day (sock it to drugs)


Tuesday: Backwards Day (turn your back on drugs)


Wednesday: Sunglasses Day (shade out drugs)


Thursday: Wear Red Day (respect yourself)


Their favorites were Crazy Sock Day and Backwards Day.

Preschool Art

by Kayte

Max and Lola have started bringing home the cutest art projects from preschool. It’s so fascinating that all of a sudden they have this little life that’s separate from us. I love hearing them talk about their artwork and seeing how excited they are to show it to us.

Lola’s OT work.



Students of the Month

by Kayte

Max & Lola both earned student of the month awards at preschool…even though they’ve only been in school for two weeks! 

Max earned the Super Scholar award for “his participation during circle time” and Lola earned the Character Award for “demonstrating respect toward her peers and teachers”.


Preschool Homework

by Kayte

Max & Lola had their first homework assignment for preschool this week. The theme of the week was “Physical Me” so they were sent home to decorate “Me Dolls” in their own likeness.

Max & Lola picked all of the colors/materials, tore & glued paper, and even cut with scissors! Max asked for a “baseball shirt” but I think he ended up looking more like a soccer player.

IMG_6174.JPG IMG_6175.JPG