Sea of Green

by Kayte

We’ve had some big rains in Los Angeles this winter and no where is the effect more stunning than at our local hiking grounds. This is what it looked like just this past Thanksgiving


November 2016

…and this is what it looks like now! It was a really neat day for a hike. There was a storm coming in and we watched the clouds roll in over the hills. We got back in our car just as the first drops were starting to fall.







O’ Hanukkah

by Kayte

Happy 6th night!

Concert in the Park

by Kayte

We took Max & Lola to their first (I think? They said it was their first…) concert tonight at a local park that hosts free concerts during the summer. We brought a picnic dinner and got there early so the kids could run around and play in the playground. I thought Max & Lola would be more interested in the music once the concert started, but it didn’t quite hold their attention (except they loved the clapping part) so it was a challenge trying to keep them contained in our blanketed area amidst a big crowd. I think if/when we do it next time we should stay more on the outskirts of the crowd so the kids can run around without bumping into other people. It was still a nice way to spend a Sunday evening.








Photo by Max


Happy Birthday Sudlow!

by Kayte

Seven years of puppy perfection.


Upper Oso

by Kayte

We packed our minivan to the gills and drove out into the wilderness for the kids’ second camping adventure. The packing and set up was a lot easier this year, as the kids were able to wander around and [mostly] keep themselves occupied while we got things in order. Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse, which in SoCal terms means 90-degree heat. It was a hot, hot day to be outside with no A/C, but we made the best of it with lots of shade and cold drinks. Luckily the campsite was in the bottom of a valley so the sun disappeared behind the mountains fairly early in the evening, leaving us with lots of ambient light and bearable temps.

The kids loved our camping adventure and the whole family is already looking forward to our next trip!





by Kayte

I don’t think there’s any kid who loves a dog more.



Puppy Pillow

by Kayte



by Kayte


Doodle Scarf

by Kayte

This kid and his dog…


Fryman Canyon

by Kayte

Max & Lola asked to go for a hike today so they could use their new binoculars. We went to Fryman Canyon which is another loop in the Tree People park: a much longer and much steeper one. Brody and I ended up carrying both the binoculars and the kids for most of hike, but we got a good workout.


Leo Carillo Camping

by Kayte

We took the kids on their very first camping trip this weekend! Brody and I used to do a lot of camping before we had kids, but we hadn’t been able to muster up the courage to do it with two little ones in tow; until now. I’m glad we waited because it was a lot of work, even with our friend Marc there to lend us an extra pair of hands/eyes.

Max & Lola loved it. They were busy the entire time getting dirty, exploring, playing with their new binoculars & headlamps, eating their first s’mores. We just went for the one night as a kind of trial run, but the kids are ready for s’more!




IMG_2912.JPG IMG_2913.JPG


IMG_2917.JPG IMG_2918.JPG

Summer Cuts

by Kayte

Everybody got haircuts this week. Shorter cut for Max, bang trim hack for Lola and summer cut for Sudlow. Not quite sure how a request for “eyebrow length” was translated into Lola’s current ‘do, but…hair grows.


Puppy Love

by Kayte

What would these kids do without their BFF?





by Kayte

As I mentioned before, things got a little crazy trying to get out the door on Halloween night. Sudlow was supposed to be in on the Tortoise and the Hare act, but we just didn’t have time. So today we got everyone in their costumes again and did a little photo shoot with better lighting.





IMG_2068.JPG IMG_2067.JPG


Puppy Pile

by Kayte

“The test of good manners is to be patient with the bad ones.”
– Solomon Ibn Gabirol

Good boy, Sudlow.

Little Parrots

by Kayte

Max and Lola’s language has been exploding in the last few weeks. They’re currently in the “parrot” stage where they repeat words like mad. They’re also starting to put together two-word sentences, such as “Water, please.” They learn something new every day and it’s been so much fun communicating with them. This is a compilation of some of their more understandable words:

It took a long time to get the above clips (Max & Lola get so distracted whenever the camera appears), but they have a lot more words than what I was able to capture…

Mommy, Daddy, Max, Lola, Sudlow, baby, mine, please, thank you, water, orange, nom nom nom, more, all done, yes, no, hi, bye bye, up, down, this, that, uh-oh, peek-a-boo, I love you, swing, bubbles, bath, book, ball, boat, row row row, tent, hose, rain, walk, nose, ear, turtle, dog, kitty, woof woof, meow, moo, quack quack, ooh ooh aah aah, baa and a great elephant toot. (What does the fox say?)

There are probably more, but the list grows daily so it’s hard to keep track. A lot of the words are still understandable by only Mommy & Daddy, but we’ve loving it.

Couch Potatoes

by Kayte

Lola is pulling herself up to stand with the couch and Max has learned how to climb up onto the couch. Sudlow is running out of places to hide.



by Kayte

The weather was beautiful today – 70* and sunny with clouds blowing across the sky. A perfect (SoCal) fall day. After our walk with Sudlow we stayed out in the front yard and played for awhile.

Max seems to be feeling much better. Not as cranky, appetite is coming back, and there have been no hosing-downs for two days now! Let’s hope this thing is behind us once and for all.

Outside Play

by Kayte

Max is obsessed with the broom. Lola and Sudlow bond.


by Kayte

3 dogs.
2 babies.
1 walk.