Watermelon Twins

by Kayte

The kids had Friday off school for a 4-day Labor Day holiday weekend so we had our twin-friends over for a play date. It wasn’t as hot as it has been, but it was still warm enough to splash in the kiddie pool and scarf pounds of watermelon. It’s fun to see how the four older twins have become such fast friends over the years – they ask for and about each other and are so excited for our get-togethers.



Unofficial Start of Summer

by Kayte

We took advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend with a dip in the pool. We had previously dipped our toes and splashed around, but this was our first official swim. The kids are signed up for swim lessons after school gets out for the summer and they are super excited about it. At 73* (surface) our pool was still a bit chilly to stay in for long, but the swimming lesson pool will be heated to a toasty 90* (part of why I decided to go on-location for lessons instead of having someone come to the house). Let the summer begin!





by Kayte

Swim lessons are done for now but we’ve been spending lots of time in our own pool during these hot summer days. The kids are nowhere near water-safe yet, but they are much more comfortable in the pool: moving their bodies, blowing bubbles and going underwater. I’m even able to take them both in the water by myself (with floaties, of course). A dip in the pool is a nice mid-week treat when Brody is at work. (Pics below from the weekend when Brody was home.)





Birthday Splash

by Kayte

We celebrated Cousin Booker’s 4th birthday on Sunday at an amazing little wading pool in Glendale. The pool was about a half foot deep which made it perfect for little ones to swim and splash. Water balloons + family + cake = a perfect day!













Swim Lessons

by Kayte

Max and Lola started swim lessons this week. My big goal this summer is to get them water safe, or at least water aware. It’s so stressful being at friends’ houses without pool fences. Not that we’ll let our guard down for a second even after the lessons, but my hope is that we are at least able to enjoy the water more while we are in it.

There are so many different classes in LA I was a bit overwhelmed by all the options (private, group, home, 10-day intensive, water whisperer, etc.) but I finally settled on parent-and-me classes at our local community college. It seems like a good start since Lola doesn’t seem totally ready for an intensive course yet, and this way Brody and I will also be learning how to work with them in the pool so we can practice at home. The first day we practiced blowing bubbles underwater and walking down the steps. So far so good.


Pool Hopping

by Kayte

Today we enjoyed a visit with our friend Ric who is in town on business. It was one of the hottest days of the year so far, so we decided to take a dip in the pool. It was the first time the kids had been in the water this year, and they sure have grown a lot since last summer. By the end, Max was jumping from the side, dunking underwater, holding his breath, and coming back for more. He is SO ready for swim lessons!


Pool Days

by Kayte

The weather has been hot, and the water is warm. Max and Lola sure love their pool.


Winter Swim

by Brody

Today we said goodbye to our family in the desert and headed back home. On our way out of town we stopped to visit with one of Brody’s college friends and her family. They had a heated pool (84*) and it was a beautiful day so we decided to jump in. There were several teenage girls to play with the babies so I even had my hands free for a few minutes! It was a great visit. Since I know she reads the blog occasionally — Hi Anne!

20131228-194710.jpg 20131228-194731.jpg

A Drive

by Kayte

We undertook a major day trip to San Diego today. Our friends from Michigan were in-state with their kids, so we went down to celebrate a birthday and hang out. Traffic was terrible on the way down, but the babies slept pretty much the whole 3+ hours and were really well-behaved. (Better than their parents!) It sure felt good to stretch our legs when we finally arrived. We ate some delicious food, swam for a long time in the pool, and had a great time visiting. The drive back was much better (the normal 2 hours). The babies slept again while the parents a got to see the ocean and a beautiful sunset.





Pool Party

by Kayte

No rest for the weary. After only a couple of recovery days after the big vacation, we went out to a friend’s for a BBQ and swimming. Max & Lola got new pool floats and they were a big hit.


Before the floats, it was hard to take both babies swimming. It got tiring after awhile, and there was always the fear of them slipping out of my hands. Plus, they had to take turns. But now they can both go in at the same time and hang out like big kids (in the shade). Sudlow wanted in on the action too.


Max & Lola were once again mesmerized by their cool older friends – Sasha & Mia. Both girls were so good with the babies; swimming, playing, feeding, holding. Naturals!


Sudlow had fun playing with his new friend Remy. After all that playing and swimming, he needed to lounge 🙂


Day 8: Countryside

by Kayte

We spent our last full day in Michigan enjoying the beautiful outdoors. First, we visited Autumn & Lisa at their Little-Red-Schoolhouse-Turned-Crafty-Home — a unique little house set on 9.5 acres of land. We walked around the property and got a grand tour of the place inside and out.






After lunch we headed to the lake for a make-up swim to “wash away” yesterday’s bad lake experience. Although the weather had cooled down significantly, the sun was still warm and the babies weren’t phased. Apparently nothing can get in the way of Max & Lola’s splash time.



20130619-074659.jpg 20130619-074707.jpg


20130619-074755.jpg 20130619-074801.jpg


Later that evening we went down to the barn to visit my parents’ horse Rusty. Max met him earlier in the week but was pretty scared and started crying. In true form, brave little Lola thought a 1,000 pound animal was great fun. Max was still a little cautious, but no tears this time (and close-up too!).

20130619-074847.jpg 20130619-074852.jpg



by Kayte