by Kayte

This past weekend while we were in La Quinta Lola pedaled her bike for the first time ever! Something finally just clicked and there’s no stopping her now. Here she was on our walk today:

And later today at the park today she actually role played with some other kids – baking sand cakes in the bakery – which she doesn’t usually do. She and Maxie have started pretend-playing together a lot more at home lately, but at the park and on play dates she sticks with the grown ups and avoids other kids. It was magical to watch her interacting with these other kids tens of feet away from me!

AND just last week I watched Lola walk down two consecutive steps without a hand or railing. She’s been bravely stepping off the last step without assistance for a few months, but that’s the first time I’ve see her walk consecutive steps before. Looks like 2017 is shaping up to be a good year.

PALs – Holiday Performance

by Kayte

Today Max sang three songs at his second holiday performance at school. Lola obviously had to miss it because she is in the hospital, which is a shame because they’ve been practicing since Thanksgiving. Last year Max and Lola just stood on stage looking dazed, but this year Max sang along to all the words – and he even introduced their class to the audience. So proud of my big guy.

Yoga Moves

by Kayte

Just a little impromptu yoga.

Everything is Broken

by Kayte

The kids sure do love them some Bob Dylan.

Broken lines broken strings
Broken threads broken springs
Broken idols broken heads
People sleeping in broken beds
Ain’t no use jiving
Ain’t no use joking
Everything is broken.

L’shana Tova!

by Kayte

Happy New Year 5777!

Run Lola Run

by Kayte

This is a new milestone for Lola – running! Up until recently she would speed-walk when she wanted to move quickly, but now she’s actually getting both feet up off the ground. And having fun doing it.


by Kayte

L-M-M-L = Lola!

L-A-M-L = Lola!

It’s a work in progress.

Happy Birthday Sudlow!

by Kayte

Seven years of puppy perfection.


Goofy Girl

by Kayte

Today was a big day of milestones. 1) Lola is off the nasal cannula! Totally breathing on her own at room air. Her lungs are still diminished and will take awhile to fully heal, but now she’s more like a kid with a cold than a kid with a critical illness. 2) She’s been upgraded to regular pediatric status – no more intensive care, although we (any many of the nurses) are hoping they let us stay in our private room in the ICU until discharge. 3) Lola is free of all tubes and wires except for a small pulseox monitor on her big toe. She still has the PICC line for Q6 antibiotic administration, but in-between doses she’s unattached.

The final word on her MRSA infection is that she will need to be on antibiotics until Monday, February 22nd. The majority of the doses need to be through IV, but we could get her home a few days early if she’s able to take the antibiotic orally. On Thursday the 18th we will switch her to an oral antibiotic in the hospital to see if she can handle it, and if all goes well we could be going home on Friday the 19th.

IMG_1254 IMG_1256 IMG_1259
Lola’s appetite was much better today. We started placing special orders from the adult menu; like sausage & bacon for breakfast, which she chowed! She’s eaten peanut butter & crackers, chips & guacamole, pizza, a pat of plain butter, and milkshakes. Her weight check today was a 1-1/2 pound gain from yesterday which everyone was really happy about. She’s still 2lb less than when she was admitted, but at least we’re moving in the right direction.

Lola was even more alert today and starting to talk more. Her voice is still quiet and hoarse, but she’s talking in sentences rather than one-word whispers. She’s very mischievous right now. Her favorite activities are bonking her stuffed animals, pretending to hold your hand while nibbling your fingers, chewing on her tubes/wires, emptying boxes of kleenex/wipes, throwing stuff off the bed, etc. Making up for lost time I guess.

Weight: 23lb 12oz

Breakfast Cupcake

by Kayte

Since the kids have started school they have dropped their afternoon nap which means they now go to bed super early which means Brody usually does not see them when he gets home from work. So, to celebrate his birthday today, the kids shared a breakfast cupcake with him this morning before he left for work which they both thought was just the best.


Lola came up with the idea to get her dad balloons for his birthday. Max & Lola also made him a card, and this video:

Twirly Slide

by Kayte

We found our new favorite playground in the area. Set in a beautiful park with age-appropriate equipment AND it’s totally fenced in so I can take the kids by myself. Perfect.

The twirly slide was the main attraction of the day.

We packed a picnic lunch and spent the whole afternoon outside.





I’m All Done Napping

by Kayte

FOREVER. *evil laugh*

Pool Hopping

by Kayte

Today we enjoyed a visit with our friend Ric who is in town on business. It was one of the hottest days of the year so far, so we decided to take a dip in the pool. It was the first time the kids had been in the water this year, and they sure have grown a lot since last summer. By the end, Max was jumping from the side, dunking underwater, holding his breath, and coming back for more. He is SO ready for swim lessons!


Last Day of ILEAP

by Kayte

Today was Max & Lola’s last day of their preschool after-school program. The last six weeks absolutely flew by and Max & Lola loved every minute of it. They were SO excited each day they got to go to school, and it was amazing to watch the immense progress they made in only a short time. In addition to the explosion of language, they both learned to sit still in a chair for circle time, the preschool routine, new songs, how to use an interactive SmartBoard, and so much more. Best of all they had such a positive experience and will be so excited to start the full preschool program in August.


Although there is a summer school program, their teacher advised against it since it’s focused more on retaining skills and Max & Lola are at the beginning stage of learning skills. It’s also only a 4-week program where they condense a bunch of classrooms together on a different campus, so apparently it’s pretty chaotic and wouldn’t be with the same teachers/therapists. This is the first time ever we haven’t had a schedule full of therapy appointments. It’s a pretty liberating and a little daunting, but we will make the most of it since I hear life only gets more hectic as kids get older. School’s out for summer!


by Kayte

We had the family over for brunch to celebrate Max & Lola’s third birthday. Max & Lola opened presents, jumped in the jumpy house, and ate cake! They were even able to blow out their own candles (we’ve been practicing). It was a perfectly lovely day to turn three!


I’m three!



Birthday crowns made in OT



Cheers to turning three



Happy Birthday to Max & Lola



“Nice blowing Max!”



Carrot cake with raisins & walnuts.



Now, time for some singing:



by Kayte

Grandma taught Lola a new word during an especially pungent diaper change last week.


by Kayte

Dino Party

by Kayte

We had a very busy Sunday. After our morning bike ride, Max went to a dinosaur-themed five-year-old birthday party. Lola was feeling pretty sick, so she stayed home with her dad and enjoyed a four-hour nap instead.

Max had s blast at the party. There was Dino-themed food, an art activity, fossil excavation, face painting, and cake!

IMG_2543.JPG IMG_2544-0.JPG
But Max’s favorite thing by far was the jumpy house. He was in and out of that thing the entire time, getting rocked by a bunch of 5-year-olds, and loving every minute of it.

Griffith Park Ponies

by Kayte

7 and 1/2

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