Zoo Zoo

by Kayte

Brody is on hiatus for the next couple weeks and the kids don’t start school until August so we’re making the most of our summer days together. Today we walked around the zoo and looked at some of our favorite animals: the gorillas, elephants, red apes, tigers, hippo and, of course, the giraffes.





Brookfield Zoo

by Kayte

For our free day in Chicago we decided to visit the Brookfield Zoo; a favorite family pastime. The weather was spotty, alternating between pouring rain and humid sun, but we managed a fun day visiting the animals. We spent a long time gazing at the giraffes, which were my grandma’s favorite; a love which has been passed down to Lola.






My dad brought a bunch of old photographs with him to Chicago, and I found this similar fountain pose among them. My brother and I with our Grandma and Grandpa at the Brookfield Zoo circa 1993 or so? Maybe my parents can weigh in on the date…


Brookfield Zoo circa 1993


The Living Desert

by Kayte

Sunday we experienced the polar opposite of our snowy day. We visited The Living Desert zoo in Palm Springs. True to its name it was a hot, sunny, dusty day. We got to do lots of unique things like feed giraffes, ride a camel, pet some goats, and get up close & personal with some parrots. As fun as the desert was, I think I preferred yesterday’s snow as a refreshing change of pace.




IMG_2514.JPG IMG_2513.JPG



by Kayte





LA Zoo Lights

by Kayte

Friday night we bundled ourselves up, grabbed some hot chocolate, and headed to the LA Zoo for a walk through a lighted wonderland. The animals were asleep but the lights were blazing. It was fun being out with the kids after dark – something we don’t do too often. We were a bit underdressed though – temps had dropped down to the 40s by the time we left which is super chilly for LA. We realized the kids don’t have appropriate winter attire and will be going glove shopping this weekend!







LA Zoo Day

by Kayte

We had a therapy-free day today and decided to take the kids to the zoo. I’ve noticed that the nap-free morning feels extra long unless we have an activity to keep us busy. And the kids sleep much better in the afternoon when we wear them out in the morning.

This was the coolest zoo visit so far. Max & Lola were so engaged with their surroundings. Lola preferred people watching, but Max was way into the animals. Some favorites were the gorillas, giraffes, jaguar, and, of course, turtles.

Daddy at the Zoo

by Kayte

Zoo Date

by Kayte

We tried to have a nice picnic at the zoo with our friend Jacob, but the universe wasn’t cooperating. First, it was HOT. We were all sweaty and cranky by the time we walked to the playground. Second, our lunch was swarmed by bees! We were buzzed by one, then two, then more and more. By the time we left there were at least five bees fighting over a piece of chicken we had left! What kind of bees eat chicken? Killer bees!? Either way, we were outta there. It WAS good to see Katrina and Jacob, even though the bees crashed our party.

And just to prove how uncooperative the day was, I didn’t even manage to get a good picture! I always get at least one…


Zoo Babies

by Kayte

Another Day at the Zoo

by Kayte

We met up with our NICU friends Katrina & Jacob for another day at the zoo. The animals must like the cooler weather because they were all out and about.

Zoo Too

by Kayte

(4) mamas, (6) babies, (2) sets of twins, (3) little girls, (3) stinky boys, (5) preemies, (3) on oxygen, (1) big ole 9-month old!


Zoo Day

by Kayte

We had a big outing today! The weather FINALLY cooled down (low 80s) enough for us to spend the day outside. We met up with a friend from the NICU and walked and walked and walked. It felt so nice to be out of the house, enjoying the fresh air.

Los Angeles Zoo

Great-Grandma & Lola's Favorite!

Hi Great-Grandma Irene!

Big Elephant!

Max and his friend Jacob from the NICU